EXCLUSIVE: Check Out This Halloween Makeup Transformation From AwesomenessTV’s ‘Sleep Tight’


There is nothing more horrifying than nightmares that come true; which is why it’s a perfect theme for fall television. For October, AwesomenessTV has debuted their newest series, Sleep Tight which is currently streaming on Verizon’s go90 app.  The anthology series premiered on October 4th and has new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday for the duration of October.  This week, influencer Griffin Arnlund  will star in the sixth episode entitled “Teeth”. As her character prepares for her high school prom, she slowly begins turning into a monster.  AwesomenessTV has let Hollywood.com take a sneak peak at Arnlund’s amazing makeup transformation. Check out the sensational makeup done by Key Makeup Artist, Julie Hassett and Assistant Makeup Artist, Annie Tagge below!

Hopefully, it inspires your own ghoulish Halloween transformation.

Make sure you check out Sleep Tight on Verizon’s go90 app. The hauntingly fun trailer is below!