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Fabio to Star in Sexy Super Bowl Ad

Heartthrob Fabio will try to woo the women watching the Super Bowl on Sunday with a new advertisement for an insurance company.

The 30-second commercial spoofs Fabio‘s romantic image with his golden locks flowing while he rows a gondola in Venice, Italy.

When Fabio hands his love interest a rose, she looks up in horror to discover Fabio has become an 85-year-old man.

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The ad’s cautionary slogan is, “Life comes at you fast.”

Fabio says, “The (insurance) company was tired of silly commercials from the competition.”

The lothario tells the New York Daily News that he had to endure four and half hours of special effects make-up to authentically age.

When asked if he thinks he’ll ever actually look that way he says, “I hope not, but in life you never know.”

The Super Bowl is expected to attract 90 million viewers and 30-second ads have sold for a record $2.5 million each.

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