12 Fake Twitter Accounts That Perfectly Represent These TV Characters

Twitter is great to get in touch with your favorite celebrities, but also to dive in more into your television obsession! Average fans live tweet their reactions to their favorite shows. Then there are super fans who take a step further by creating Twitter accounts as their favorite TV characters. Some of the accounts have thousands of followers because of how funny and well they represent the fictional characters.

1. We have a feeling she means Olivia…

2. It looks like Don would be a Diff’rent Stokes fan!

3. Who is the meaner girl? Regina or Blair? It’s a tough call.

4. No one can wear a fedora like this guy.

5. You could never look bad, Carrie!

6. There is so much truth here.

7. I don’t know what her problem is! This sounds like a great idea.

8. You’re right, Troy…poor cavemen!

9. Just another day in the life of Buffy.

10. Too late…

11. Yeah Hank isn’t perfect.

12. Way to ruin your chance, Joeffry!

You got to hand it to these TV fans, they nailed these characters! Which tweet is your favorite? Tweet us your answers using the Twitter handles below!