Faking Your Way Through a Packed Sunday Night TV Lineup

Gracie Gold, Figure Skating, 2014 Sochi Olympics2014 Getty Images

Sunday nights are generally a good night for television fans – between HBO’s lineup of addicting shows, Downton Abbey’s continued dominance of British dramas, and whatever major sporting event is on, there’s plenty to watch, and usually, it’s relatively easy to space out your viewing schedule for the evening. However, this Sunday was surprisingly packed with must-watch shows and events, all of which you just know your friends and co-workers are going to be talking about all day.

It was impossible to watch everything that aired on Sunday night as it was premiering, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel left out of the conversation. We’ve rounded up the buzziest shows of Sunday night, and given you everything you need to know about what went down, and how to fake it until you’re able to catch up on everything properly. You can thank us later. 


You Watched this If: You like bragging about your awesome ski weekend, and you’ll usually talk about the condition of the “powder” on the mountain.
What Happened: There were three big medal events on Sunday night: team figure skating, women’s slopestyle snowboarding, and men’s downhill alpine skiing. Russia won their first gold of the Olympics in the team skating, thanks to winning performances from vet Evgeni Plushenko and new superstar, 15-year-old Yulia Lipnitskaya. Gracie Gold took home the silver in the individual women’s short program, and Charlie White and Meryl Davis won the pair’s ice dancing, but neither of those victories were able to help the U.S. earn better than a bronze medal. Meanwhile, Jamie Anderson won the first ever women’s slopestyle gold medal, and her fellow American Sage Kotsenberg did the same in the men’s competition on Saturday; however, gold medal favorite Bode Miller placed a disappointing eighth in the men’s downhill.
What Your Friends Will Be Talking About: Ashley Wagner Is Not Impressed, the sequel to 2012’s Olympic meme McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed. Expect it to appear in your Twitter feed at least once a day for the next two weeks.
How To Fake It: “How insane is that 15-year-old skater? Although, I thought Gracie Gold’s score could have been a bit higher. And Meryl and Charlie have that pairs gold in the bag.” “I just really feel like Jamie Anderson and I could be friends. She seems so cool, and she’s super talented.” “Can you believe what happened to Bode Miller?”


You Watched This If: You don’t listen to the Top 40 drivel on the radio, you listen to “real music.”
What Happened: Musicians from all different genres got together to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show, the Eurythmics reunited, as did Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr for a few of their greatest hits.
What Your Friends Will Be Talking About: The return of Pharell’s giant Grammys hat – the event was filmed the day after the awards, in the midst of the hat jokes.
How to Fake It: “Doesn’t Dhani Harrison sound just like George?” “Who decided to have Pharell and Brad Paisley sing together?” “I know ‘Hey Jude’ is overplayed, but it was cool to see everyone sing it with Paul and Ringo.”


You Watched This If: You constantly feel as if nobody appreciates your creative genius.
What Happened: Hannah took a job in the advertising department of GQ, which prompted her to worry about her selling out, and wasting her talents in a pointless corporate environment. Adam got a call back for an acting gig that he swears he doesn’t want, Marnie and Ray are becoming closer, despite embodying everything the other despises, Shoshanna is missing Ray and is forcing herself into a relationship with a guy she met at school who she thinks is incredibly dumb, and Jessa… didn’t do much of anything this week.
What Your Friends Will Be Talking About: How much they can’t stand Hannah. Also how Marnie continues to be the worst. Wow, your friends really hate Girls.
How to Fake It: “I kind of hate to admit this, because she’s super self-involved, but I kind of get where Hannah’s coming from.” “Ugh, Marnie is so annoying, but Allison Williams is so pretty.” “Did you know that Shoshanna’s new guy is played by Zosia Mamet’s real-life boyfriend?”


You Watched This If: You truly believe that everything from the UK is vastly superior to its American equivalent, and you won’t listen to anyone who says otherwise. 
What Happened: Lady Edith considered terminating her unexpected pregnancy, but changed her mind at the last minute after seeing how the procedure affected other women at the clinic. Lady Mary has decided to be less “aloof,” and fed some pigs with Charles, and she helped secure Thomas the position of Robert’s valet while he’s in America. Anna continues to pretend she was attacked by a random thug, but Bates has figured out who was really behind the assault on his wife, and he’s probably going to kill him. And the Dowager Countess continues to be sassy and wonderful.
What Your Friends Will Be Talking About: Can you believe that Downton Abbey actually broached an abortion storyline?
How To Fake It: “Oh, poor Edith! I really want something nice to happen to her for a change.” “I’m glad Bates is going to protect Anna, but I don’t know if I can sit through another Bates-is-a-murderer-storyline.”


You Watched This If: You’re just really into the McConaughssance, okay?
What Happened: Rust and Marty discover that Ledoux is working for the Iron Crusaders, a biker gang that Rust infiltrated during his time undercover. He decides to go undercover again, steals cocaine from evidence to help sell his act, and he agrees to take part in a robbery in order to win over his contact. Unfortunately, the robbery goes wrong, and Rust is forced to run, calling in Marty for backup. Meanwhile, Marty’s ex-girlfriend showed up at his house and revealed everything to Maggie, who promptly kicked him out.
What Your Friends Will Be Talking About: That twist of an ending. Let’s be real, it’s all anyone will be talking about. Be prepared for people to declare it the “hands down, best episode of television ever!”
How to Fake It: “How crazy was that ending? I couldn’t believe it when it all went south and Rust was caught in the middle of the whole thing. I can’t wait for the next episode, I need to find out what happens next!”


You Watched This If: You are, somehow, still holding out for this show to get good again.
What Happened: Rick and Carl hole up in an abandoned suburban house, growing tense over the latter’s budding contentiousness. Michonne has acid flashbacks and slaughters an entire herd of zombies. There’s a big can of pudding.
What Your Friends Will Be Talking About: How much Carl sucks, and Michonne’s nightmarish memory of her pre-apocalyptic days.
How to Fake It: “F**king Carl.”