5 Fan Theories About ‘Westworld’s Other Parks

Westworld ended with an explosive finale and several hints of what’s to come. Still, some of the most burning questions about the show concern the other parks.  After all, there were four in the original Westworld. So they have come up with many fan theories of what they could be and who could possibly be in them. Here are five fan theories about the other parks.

1. One of the other parks could be “Samurai World.”

Photo: HBO/Inverse

We got a quick glimpse of what the theme of one of the other parks could be when Maeve escaped. She comes across hosts dressed up as samurais. Fans believe this could mean next season will show more of this park that is focused on samurais and an ancient Japanese land.

2. There might be a Roman World and Medieval World like in the movie.

Photo: MGM/Business Insider

This has been one of the oldest theories because it’s based on the original material. But now it looks less likely because co-creator Jonathon Nolan told a fan that both of those are not the themes of the other parks.

3. Game of Thrones is just Westeros World.

Photo: Tumblr/HBO

This theory may seem very crazy, but it actually had the backing of George R.R. Martin! According to the show runners of Westworld the author came to them with the idea of a crossover with the idea that Westeros is a park however they shot the idea down because they want Westeros to be real.

4. Maeve’s daughter is in one of the other parks.

Photo: Tumblr/HBO

Maeve gets out of the park, but she’s also given a hint to where her daughter is which is “Park 1.” There is a fan theory on Reddit that this isn’t referring to Westworld, but another park completely. Next season we might see her go there.

5. Wyatt’s people come from another park.

Photo: Reddit/HBO

This theory also comes from Reddit and doesn’t have much support, but it still could be possible. There is a theory that Wyatt’s people actually came from another park due to how different they look from the other hosts. But there is a scene where this host is among the other hosts on a storyboard so chances are this theory is wrong.