4 Fan Theories That Might Hint At How ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Will End

We know that it’s hard to imagine but, season eight will be the last for The Vampire Diaries. Obviously, many fans are wondering how it will end. Will Elena wake up? If she does, what will that mean for Bonnie? Here are four fan theories that might reveal how it all will end. 

1. Bonnie will die so Elena can live.

Photo: Tumblr/The CW

It’s sad that the two best friends have their fate linked, but many fans still want Elena to come back for the final season. For some, this means they are expecting the worst. Many believe that Bonnie will choose to die and we get our heroine back in the process.

2. Elena could end up being the villain.

Photo: Tumblr/The CW

This was a popular theory before we found out our new villain would be Sybil, who was just using Elena’s voice as a trick. However, this is still possible. The theory suggests that Elena will wake up but be transformed into a creature and everyone will have to change her back.

3. Damon’s humanity will be brought back through Bonnie’s letter.

Photo: Tumblr/The CW

A fan on Tumblr wrote that it will be Bonnie who once again saves Damon this season. “My reason for this theory is that the letter still has yet to come into play and we still do not even know the content of what Damon wrote to Bonnie in that letter,” wrote the fan. “Which means that it has to be of some significance somehow this season. Bonnie will read the letter to Damon while expressing her love for him and that will snap Damon out of the darkness.”

4. Elena and Damon will end up being the last ones standing.

Photo: Tumblr/The CW

This is a sad one to think about but it’s possible. Buddy TV believes Damon will end up outliving their friends including Bonnie. Bonnie will die (hopefully naturally) and Elena will then wake up. They can then have their happily-ever-after.