These Fan Theories Might Reveal Who Died On ‘How to Get Away With Murder’

Once again How To Get Away With Murder has kicked off another season with a murder that will happen in the future. Although it’s pretty early, fans are already coming up with their theories about who died. Here are three realistic theories of who it can be!

It’s possibly Michaela due to schedule conflicts

Photo: Tumblr/ABC

There is a theory that it could be the Southern belle because Aja Naomi King wanted to do The Birth of a Nation and needed to get out of her contract with the show. This would be sad, but it’s not the first time Shonda Rhimes killed off an actor because they wanted out.

It’s Wes because of Annalise’s big reaction.

Photo: Tumblr/ABC

This would definitely be a big loss since Wes is the only student that Annalise can stand. We also spent a lot of time figuring out his backstory about how the two are connected. But because we see Annalise so distraught over whoever is under the sheet many fans think it has to be Wes.

It’s Eve because of schedule and Annalise

Photo: Tumblr/ABC

Eve has a romantic relationship with Annalise so it would also makes sense for her to be distraught over her death. Like Aja Noami King, Famke Janssen is getting a new gig on a spin-off of The BlacklistChances are that will make her too busy to continue on the show this might also be a way to get rid of her.

What do you all think? Who died on How to Get Away With Murder?