Fans Are Concerned About Stiles in Teen Wolf’s “A Novel Approach”


Our worst fears for Teen Wolf finally happened at the end of last week’s episode. Something terrible has happened to Stiles and we don’t know what. For “A Novel Approach”, what we do know is that the wolf crew plan on entering Eichen House (bad idea) to try and find out more about the Dread Doctors (terrible idea). All we know for sure is that Theo is a BAD guy and we’re going to be sitting on the edge of our seats for the remainder of this season.

Missed last week’s “Condition Terminal”? Catch up now with our latest Tweetcap!

After the end of last week’s episode, everyone was like:

Our favorite deputy chimed in when the confrontation between Stiles and Donovan ended in Stiles favor:

Absolutely no one felt bad for Donovan:

Stills called 911 and we all thought this Donovan thing was getting wrapped up but then…:

When Scott called to tell Stiles that more bodies were missing and then the camera cut to Parrish, fans freaked the hell out:

As much as fans LOVE Scott, we all can’t help but laugh as how he’s such a Captain Obvious:

After Scott talked to shady ass Theo, some fans suggested he needed some guidance:

After Lydia saw the name in The Dread Doctor’s book, people started to come up with theories:

Every time people saw Theo with the Dread Doctors, they were like:

No one understood why the gang was going back to Eichen House:

When Stiles and Lydia were talking to Valack about the doctors, fans found the encounter amusing:

Theo was being extra creepy with Malia and fans weren’t having that. Not one bit:

Fans everywhere FREAKED when Scott and Kira discussed Lydia and Stiles AKA #Stydia:

Fans all over melted when Scott saved Kira:

Like always, people were mainly concerned about Stiles by the end of the episode:

And that’s all until next #MoonMonday! Catch up on episodes 5.03 and 5.04 of Teen Wolf and see what the F Theo and the Dread Doctors are up to!

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