Fans Feel The Terror In Teen Wolf’s “Condition Terminal”


Dread is in season for this installment of Teen Wolf.  After finding out what the hell was going on with Tracy last week, we have even more questions for “Condition Terminal” – the first being, is she dead? What are these Dread Doctors up to and when will the gang find out just how bad things are? Also, what the hell is up with Theo?! We can’t even begin to question how they manage to fit all of this craziness into one hour.

Missed last week’s episode? Read now to find out what exactly is going on with Tracy!

The episode opened and we were smacked in the face with a lot of Lydia/Parrish:

People broke out the jokes after Parrish tested the lighter theory:

But then we realized what those dreams Parrish was having were about…

We were hit right in the feels when Stiles saw Lydia:

We found out Tracy was dead and there were weird guys in masks, yet no one wanted to believe Malia about it:

We saw Donovan in the Dread Doctor’s lair…but did we care?

We found out Lydia was going to be okay…thanks to Theo. Fans weren’t feeling it, and neither was Stiles:

Deaton gave that speech about “the rules have changed” and terror set in:

Theo walked into the Dread Doctor’s lair and people didn’t even know what the hell to think:


Everyone was SHOCKED when Parrish started to act shady (and possibly evil) as well, but there were many different reactions:


Brett saved Mason and everyone immediately loved him:

Fans loved that Kira was continuing to kick some ass:

Mama McCall made us all so dang proud:

When Stiles was threatened, everyone literally flipped their shit:


Theo himself chimed in about how shady Theo is:

At first everyone felt so bad for Stiles about his Jeep:

But then, that ending FREAKED US OUT:

#SaveStiles #WTFTeenWolf

And that’s all until next #MoonMonday! Catch up on episodes 5.015.02, and 5.03 of Teen Wolf and see what the F Tracy is (or was) – hint, hint: she and Jackson could be buddies!

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