Fans Lost Their Minds During Teen Wolf’s “Status Asthmaticus”


The day we’ve all been waiting for (AKA dreading) has come on Teen Wolf. It’s the mid-season finale! Say goodbye to 5A, 5B will be here next year to break our hearts all over again. Shit hit the fan in “Status Asthmatic” this week.

Missed last week’s “Lies of Omission”? Catch up now with our most recent Teen Wolf Tweetcap!

Everyone laughed when Liam tried to be serious and called him out:

Everyone cried all over again about Stiles Jeep:

Fans wondered why the hell Scott is still trusting Theo:

Something freaky as hell happened at the school and then the Doctors were spotted watching Papa Stilinski and everyone freaked out:

Parrish and Lydia bonded over their mutual attraction to death and everyone had mixed feelings:

There was awkward tension between Malia and Stiles that no one could understand:

Theo proved how shady he is by attacking Lydia:

Hayden continued to get worse and Liam panicked, which made everyone feel things:

Parrish broke out of his cell and Stiles screamed like all of us did from our couches:

Scott got a text from “Lydia” and we found out that Theo had tricked him:

Then we FINALLY found out what he is and fans brought out the jokes:

Scott kept trying to breakout of the mountain ash barrier and couldn’t:

Fans secretly wished for someone to return to Teen Wolf:

Then Liam showed up and fans were like HELL NO:

Malia was fighting some random dude in a hospital:

Stiles found out just how messed up Theo is and fans lost it when they realized he had the Sheriff:

No one could handle the very physical, very bloody Liam/Scott fight:

Mason telling Liam that Hayden died had everyone in tears:

We found out that Malia’s mom figured out her plans and she was on her way to kill her:

Theo showed up after Liam left to see Hayden and tried to kill Scott:

But Mama McCall WAS NOT giving up on her son and it made fans cry:

Theo’s plan of stealing Scott’s pack failed, so he forced Lydia to help him revive the chimeras for his own pack:

The show had a cliffhanger ending and everyone had more questions:

And that’s all until next #MoonMonday (sob, it’s not until January 2016)! Catch up on episodes 5.08 and 5.09 of Teen Wolf and see what you missed.

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