Five Horrible, Horrible Ways ‘Breaking Bad’ Could End

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Right now there’s only two more episodes of Breaking Bad left, and everyone who is watching the show is feverishly trying to guess how this is going to end. Will Walter White die? Will Skyler? Jesse? People are doing mental gymnastics trying to guess what is going on in show creator Vince Gilligan’s head and surmise what the best possible outcome is. Gilligan, for his part, seems convinced that he has done it in a way that will please nearly everyone. He’s done great so far, but what if he stumbles and winds up having the show lurch towards the finish line, like Hank trying one final time to reach the gun in the desert. Well, here are some of the ways that this show could just completely blow it:

Writer’s Block

After the final carnage ends… the screen goes black, just like the ending of The Sopranos. There’s blackness… and then just a closeup of the White matriarch’s eyes. She’s sitting at her desk, writing. The computer monitor shows “and then Walter reached for his gun, coughing as the cancer threatened to finally kill him before he could reach his goal… ) She clicks ‘Save” and then Hank walks in, grinning with a mug of coffee. Yup. Skyler’s really married to Hank and Walter’s married to Marie and Flynn is their child.

Meth Dreams

Same scenario as above…all blackness…and then suddenly Walter’s eyes snap open. He’s been asleep the whole time. He sits up, gasping for air. Slowly, he takes stock of his surroundings. Skyler is peacefully asleep next to him. The White home seems in pristine condition…and then, gingerly, he reaches up, and feels his head. His hair’s all there, a thick mane like he had in the first season. There’s no baby Holly. He hears Walter, Jr. moving around in the kitchen, making his breakfast, of course. He wryly smiles…it was all a dream. Then the phone rings. He lets the machine pick up. “Yo Walter, it’s Hank! Wake up! Let’s go for a ride on a drug bust!”

The Walking Dead

Walter stares down Jesse. The bodies of Lydia, Todd and the neo-Nazi crew are strewn about them. Before Jesse can say a word, Walter snarls, “You REALLY think I came back to save you? After everything I said before?” Jesse looks down in mute disappointment, and then closes his eyes, waiting for that inevitable final shot. Walt raises the gun…and then there’s a moan in the background. He freezes and glances around. None of the bodies around them stir. Moonlight is beginning to stream through the window. Walt looks at Jesse, “That you?” he asks. “What do you think…b**ch?” Jesse spits. Yeah, he’s got a little spark left. Walt steadies the gun…and just as he is about to shoot, a hand reaches out of the darkness and grabs his arm and slams him against the wall. Suddenly, shuffling feet. Walter looks up to see the zombie forms of Hank and Jane closing in on him…the last scene of the show is closeups of the two zombie faces, covered with blood, moving towards the camera.

“My Name Is Flynn. Say My Name.”

An old warehouse.Walter lays gasping his last breaths as his son looks on. Jesse is curled up in a ball, in shock that he is still alive. Soon, it is over. Skyler is nowhere to be found. Walt. Jr. looks around, eyes wide in shock. He looks at Pinkman. His eyes go flat…reptilian. “It’s about time…” he says as his speech suddenly becomes perfect. The braces he used suddenly clatter to the floor and Walt, Jr. straightens his body to its full height. Pinkman looks on in mute shock. “You just gonna stand there, Pinkman? We’ve got cooking to do.” “W-Walt, Jr.?” Pinkman quavers. “My. Name. Is. Flynn.” The show goes dark.

One Goodman Standing

Jesse and Walt lay dead. Skyler is sitting on the ground holding Holly and Walt. Jr. look on in shock. Saul stands over the bodies, his nose having not reset as well as he might have liked after Jesse pistol-whipped him earlier. He has a gun that he holsters. His eyes flick over to Huell, who immediately begins to haul both bodies away. Goodman looks over at the three remaining Whites, and for once, says nothing. He walks away while whistling the “Better Call Saul” jingle. The screen goes dark.

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