From Full House To Fuller House: A Character Evolution

After 20 years, we are finally going to catch up with the Tanner family. If you haven’t heard yet, Full House is getting a sequel series with Netflix’s Fuller House. Let’s see how the characters have evolved from the late ’80s until now.

D.J. Tanner-Fuller
Candace Cameron Bure, Full House, ABC, Instagram, 022315
Overall, D.J. was the quintessential responsible eldest sibling in the Tanner household. Though her BFF Kimmy Gibbler often tried to get her to seek out her more rebellious side, D.J. was usually the voice of reason for her two younger siblings. Full House followed D.J. as she tried push back against her father's sometimes overprotective nature. In the earlier seasons, she often had tension with her second youngest sister Stephanie, who was known for snooping. In the series we also witnessed D.J.'s first serious relationship with high-school wrestler Steve Hale. However, the duo decided to be just friends by the time the series ended and D.J. headed of to the University of San Francisco, Berkley. Fuller House centers around D.J. Now a veterinarian, she is recently widowed after the tragic passing of her husband Tommy Fuller, and she's left to raise three young boys on her own. As D.J. tries to figure out her life as a now single mom, love might not be out of the question for her. Scott Weinger who played Steve Hale in Full House will also be reprising his role in the sequel series.
Jesse Katsopolis aka Uncle Jesse
John Stamos, Full House, ABC, Fuller House, Netflix, 022316
From the beginning Uncle Jesse was the bad boy that we all loved and adored. The motorcycle riding, leather wearing hottie moved in with his brother-in-law and nieces after the untimely death of his older sister. Though he was originally only supposed to stay for a few weeks, Uncle Jesse ended up staying with the Tanners permanently. As much as Full House was about watching D.J., Stephanie and Michelle mature, it was also about watching Uncle Jesse grow as well. From getting his high school diploma to marrying the love of his life, Uncle Jesse was truly the anchor of the show. Though John Stamos won't be appearing in every episode of Fuller House, we will definitely be seeing some of him. According to Instagram, he and Aunt Becky have just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and it looks like he's more successful that ever. We wonder if he's still collecting royalties from his time in Jesse and the Rippers. Either way, we're just glad to see his delicious face. Have Mercy!
Stephanie Tanner
Jodie Sweetin, Full House, ABC, Instagram, 022316
We're just glad that Stephanie grew out of her annoying middle child syndrome that plagued her in the early days of Full House. She was literally unbearable sometimes. Early on during the series, Stephanie struggled when it came to getting the attention she desperately wanted. She was also extremely nosy and was obsessed with reading D.J.'s diary and stealing her clothes without asking. Overall though, Stephanie was amusing enough, and she also tried to fix things if she did something wrong. We also enjoyed the fact hat she always spoke her mind and had a bit of a rebellious side. In Fuller House, Stephanie who is now an aspiring musician, returns to San Francisco and moves in with her newly widowed older sister to help her raise her three sons. Sound familiar?
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Kimmy Gibbler
Andrea Barber, Full House, ABC, Instagram, 022316
The Tanners' next door neighbor and D.J.'s BFF Kimmy was always a bit on the annoying side, especially when it came to her relationship with the rest of the Tanners. She always had a tendency to act before thinking things through. As a result, Kimmy often came off as dimwitted. However, the fact that she never cared what other people thought of her made her kind of iconic. In Fuller House it seems that Kimmy is back with her '90s lingo and clothing in full swing. Like D.J., Kimmy is a mom to a 13-year-old girl. Though she's a single mom, she's still on good terms with her ex-hubby Fernando (played by Juan Pablo Di Pace). It seems like Kimmy will finally get to fulfill her life-long dream of being a "real" member of the Tanner family since she also moves into the old Tanner house to help her BFF raise her kids. Kimmy's daughter Ramona on the other hand, is not too excited about this big life change though. More than anything, we just hope that Kimmy's feet are no longer stinky.
Danny Tanner
Bob Saget, Full House, ABC, Instagram, 022316
When we were first introduced to Danny Tanner, the patriarch of the Tanner family, in the late '80s he was recently widowed and trying to raise three young girls, with the help of his BFF Joey and his brother-in-law Jesse. Though Danny was the co-host of Wake Up, San Francisco (a pretty kick ass job if you ask us) he was notorious for being lame AF. If you recall, he also adored cleaning and babying his youngest daughter, Michelle. Overall though, Danny Tanner was a good guy who was trying his best to make a good life for his family. Though Bob Saget will be reprising his role as Danny in Fuller House, he will only be in some of the episodes. Nevertheless, it will be fantastic to see him in grandpa mode. We can only hope that his favorite scent is no longer Lemon Pledge now that he's found love with his new wife, Teri.
Rebbecca Donaldson-Katsopolis aka Aunt Becky
Lori Loughlin, Full House, ABC, Instagram, 022316
We knew all along that Danny's co-host on Wake Up, San Fransisco would fall in love with Uncle Jesse. (Seriously, how could she not?) After Aunt Becky married Uncle Jesse it became clear that she fit seamlessly in with the Tanners, often serving as a mother figure for D.J., Stephanie and Michelle. We also adored the fact that she wasn't the greatest cook, because sound advice is much more important that fitting into stereotypical gender roles. In Fuller House, Aunt Becky is still a news anchor and producer. She is also still happily married to Uncle Jesse. We can't wait to see her interactions with Alex and Nicky now that they are 24-years-old.
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Joey Gladstone aka Uncle Joey
Dave Coulier, Full House, ABC, Instagram, 022316
Danny's BFF Joey moved into the Tanner household to help his newly widowed friend with his children, and though he had tension with their "real" Uncle Jesse at first, the two soon got over their differences and became fast friends. Uncle Joey was the adult who handled the day-to-day tasks of raising the girls. He took them to their activities and cooked their meals. He also brought D.J. her first car on her 16th birthday. Still, it was Joey's work as a stand-up comedian and his sidekick, Mr. Woodchuck that makes him memorable to us. It looks like we may be seeing a lot more of Mr. Woodchuck and Uncle Joey in Fuller House.
Steve Hale
Scott Weinger, Full House, ABC, Instagram, 022316
Steve was D.J's first real relationship, and the reason why the Tanner's refrigerator was constantly empty. The man could smell a sandwich from a mile away. Steve was also endearing because despite his lust for food, he was always super sweet to D.J. and her sisters, often times putting he and D.J.'s plans on the back-burner so the younger girls could be included. Though the two eventually broke up they remained good friends, and Steve even took D.J. to her senior prom. The former couple just might be rekindling a romantic relationship in Fuller House now that D.J. is a single mom, but we'll just have to watch the series to find out.
Alex & Nicky Katsopolis
Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit, John Stamos, Full House, ABC, Instagram, 022316
Alex and Nicky were simultaneously the apples of their parents eyes and super mischievous. While Jesse would often try to over compensate by indulging them, it was Becky who had to step in with more practical parenting advice. The duo adored one another and often had no interest in playing with any one else. In Fuller House we'll get to see Alex and Nicky as fully-fledged adults.
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Michelle Tanner
Ashley Olsen, Full House, ABC, 022416
Michelle was just a baby when Full House started, and the amazing thing about watching the show was seeing her grow into a precocious and totally adorable little kid. From her hilarious wild-streak to her token catch phrases, Michelle was easily the best part of Full House. As she got older, we watched as she tried to follow in her big sisters footsteps while trying to assert herself despite being the baby of the family. Though Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen will not be reprising their role as Michelle in Fuller House, we do know what the favorite Tanner girl has been up to. Michelle has been very busy launching a fashion career in New York City. (This sounds very similar to the Olsens real life to us).

All 13 episodes of the first season of Fuller House will be available on Netflix Friday, February 26th. You can watch the trailer for the series below: