The 15 Most Frustrating Moments from “Pretty Little Liars”

Don’t get us wrong, we love Pretty Little Liars. It’s the kind of love that makes us check the actresses’ Twitter and Instagram accounts religiously (ZOMG did you see Lucy Hale’s new haircut?!) and have endless discussions with friends regarding the identity of “A” (It’s Mona. No, it’s Ezra. Maybe it’s Ali?). But we also realize that in order to keep the show’s intricate plot twisting and turning, there are going to be some moments of frustration along the way.

For those of you not caught up, beware of SPOILERS ahead!

1. We STILL don’t know who “A” is.


We get that it’s the core mystery of the show, but we’ve had so many fAke-outs that we’re more than ready for real answers. And what could possibly be the explanation for torturing a bunch of teenage girls to this degree? 

2. The show’s unrealistic time frame.


Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily have been in their senior year for at least two seasons now. Toby manages to become A COP in two episodes, but these girls will apparently never graduate?

3. Is Alison evil or not?


It seems like she’s been a master manipulator from the start, but we still can’t figure this girl out. 

4. Mona is killed right when she starts helping the girls.


We’ve questioned Mona’s loyalties for the entire series, but just when she starts to prove herself trustworthy, she bites it. Will we ever know what Mona’s end game was?! And more importantly, will we ever know who killed her?!

5. Ezra’s not really “A,” he was just writing a book. 


No one has ever acknowledged how creepy Ezra is. He was a teacher having an affair with his teenage student. And then he basically spied on all her friends to write a tell-all book. But he wasn’t “A” though so I guess that makes everything ok?

6. The whole Shana thing.


Shana seemingly came out of nowhere, was revealed as an “A” (not THE “A”) and was subsequently killed by Aria in self-defense. Through all that, we hardly cared.

7. The girls’ parents have little to no clue what’s going on.

If our daughters were involved in as much craziness as these girls, we’d be locking them in their rooms – or like, moving to another state.

8. Melissa’s secret.

For years we were dying to know Melissa’s secret. No matter how many times Spencer begged for the truth, her big sis wasn’t budging. But finally, last season we learned what happened. Melissa thought Spencer had killed Ali, so Melissa buried the body. Only…it wasn’t Ali, so Melissa killed some innocent girl. The reveal was…less than satisfying.

9. Speaking of which, how did that girl end up in Ali’s place?


Last season we found out her name – Bethany Young – but we still have no idea how she got in that grave or how she connects to the bigger story. 

10. Jenna won’t go away.


The girls’ blind nemesis just can’t seem to stay away from Rosewood. She leaves, she comes back, she leaves again…but she remains just as mysterious as ever! What. Is. Her. Deal.

11. The girls are always in the woods, at night, alone.


Don’t they know by now that this ALWAYS spells danger? Guaranteed their cell phones won’t work or their car won’t start and someone will try to kill them. Every. Time. And yet they continue to do this. 

12. When Toby told Spencer he joined the A-Team to “protect her.”


Just how he “protected her” by doing this still remains unclear. Seems like it just caused a lot more problems (ie- driving Spencer off the deep end). But she forgave him and all is well in Spoby land.

13. Not enough scenes like this.

We miss pre-Ravenswood Caleb! Bring back some playfulness. He’s basically the only decent guy left on the show. We’ll just choose to forget about how he left poor Hanna for a failed spin-off show.

14. The fact that the police officers in Rosewood are all inept.


They haven’t solved any of the murders so far and the murders per capita in that small town are through the roof. They’re also constantly stalking our PLLers. Maybe the entire Rosewood police department is “A”…

15. The girls always have their makeup, nails and hair done – no matter the crisis.

Being stalked never looked so good. Even in moments of extreme distress, the PLLers all have time to look their best. We barely have time to run a comb through our hair in the morning, but these girls are being hunted by a psycho and they still manage to be perfectly accessorized. Spencer’s the only one who’s ever looked realistically tired or stressed. Props to Troian for really going for it!  

In conclusion, watching Pretty Little Liars sometimes makes us feel like this:

But we wouldn’t have it any other way!