The 20 Funniest and Tastefully Offensive ‘South Park’ Episodes Ever

Over the course of it’s 19 (and counting) seasons, South Park has skewered just about everyone and everything. The show has such a fast turnaround rate, they can pretty much cover every social topic they want and they’ve always done it in the same way – hilarious and tastefully offensive. You don’t watch South Park because you don’t want to be offended, you watch South Park to see just how offensive they can be. And the answer is always very. But, while South Park has offended people since 1997, it’s also been making people laugh for just as long. With as many episodes as 19 seasons can make, there are some episodes that truly stand out for their hilarity, creativity, and their take on cultural situations.

20. “Elementary School Musical”

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Season: 12, Episode 13

As High School Musical fever was at an all time high, South Park chimed in with their thoughts on the phase and as an HSM lover, we think they nailed it with this one. Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and Cartman want no part in this stupid craze, but like most kids, they find themselves dying to still be “cool” and not hanging out with Scott Malkinson and his diabetes anymore, so they cave…after the phase has already run it’s course. The true star of this episode is this slap-happy Mr. Gueermo, “I didn’t forget you bitch!”

19. “Coon vs. Coon and Friends”

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Season: 14, Episode 13

Of the Coon and Friends 3-part episode saga, this one was the best. Because it’s Cartman after he’s kicked out of Coon and Friends (and his own house basically), he decided to befriend Cthulhu, because why the fuck not? They do their own bidding, because being a superhero means you do what you want and think is best for the world, like killing Justin Bieber apparently. 

18. “Black Friday”

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Season: 17, Episode 7

There has never been a greater mashup between two shows than South Park and Games of Thrones. As the mall prepares for Black Friday shoppers, and whatever the hell is going on with Kenny, Randy (one of the few characters who started out normal and became the most outrageous, amazing characters ever) takes on a job with the mall security guards who are prepping for battle – A.K.A. an 80% off sale.

17. “Taming Strange”

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Season: 17, Episode 5

South Park fans know and love Ike as Kyle’s Canadian little brother. Usually, he’s very cute and speaks in broken sentences, as he’s only in kindergarten, but in this episode Kyle notices his brother is starting to change. The best part of the episode is when Ike rips off his shirt and starts screaming expletives at Kyle. 

16. “Casa Bonita”

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Season: 7, Episode 11

Casa Bonita is Cartman in his prime. In an effort to go to his favorite restaurant ever, Casa Bonita, Cartman tries to show Kyle he’s a good person (which Kyle obviously don’t believe) so then he convinces Butters it’s the end of the world and hides him away. Which makes everyone go on a manhunt to find Butters, who eventually escapes his hideaway and tries to repopulate with the garbage dump lady.

15. “The City Part of Town”

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Season: 19, Episode 3

South Park‘s newest season has proved that after this many seasons, it’s still at the top of it’ game. In an attempt to have the world see South Park as a legitimate town, Stan’s dad Randy has the brilliant idea to build up and create SodaSopa, with these amazing commericals. The best part about this episode when Randy calls Whole Foods to see if they can get a representative out there and he’s shouting “No, no, no SodaSopa, SodaSopa!”

14. “Asspen”

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Season: 6, Episode 2

“Pizza, french fry, pizza, french fry!” South Park is the reason we know how to ski, because if you pizza when you should have french fried, you’re gonna have a bad time! We don’t know if the parents having to sit through 2 days of Time Share meetings is funnier or the Stan Darsh ski-off. 

13. “Go God, Go”

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Season: 10, Episode 12

We’ve all been like Cartman some days where we can’t wait for something, though we’ve never tried to freeze ourselves. Cartman overshoots his plans, because Butters forgets about him, and winds up 500 years in the future with atheists and otters that will “smash your skull like a clam on my tummy!” 

12. “Towlie”

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Season: 5, Episode 8

While we don’t condone selling drugs to fourth graders, we can’t help but quote Towelie and say “Wanna get high?” every now and then. Over the years, Towelie has had many great appearances, but nothing will ever top his first episode. Don’t forget to always have a towel handy!

11. “Dead Celebrities”

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Season: 13, Episode 8

It may not be top 10, but “Dead Celebrities” is a personal favorite, because Billy Mays trying to sell Chipotlaway is easily the best commercial we’ve ever watched on South Park. If that isn’t enough, Ike being taken over by the ghost of Michael Jackson and doing the moonwalk takes the cake. We also approve their analogy on purgatory, “Purgatory is like… being on an airplane that’s waiting to take off, but you’re still sitting at the gate. And even though the plane isn’t taking off, they won’t let you back off the plane. And you can’t get up to go to the bathroom, because you’re on an active runway.”

10. “Good Times With Weapons”

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Season: 8, Episode 1

Cartman walking naked across the stage at the end of this episode is the single greatest scene we’ve ever watched on this show. Butters getting a ninja star in the eye is what makes this whole episode hysterical, especially when the boys think dressing him up as a dog and bringing him to the vet is a good idea.

9. “The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring of the Two Towers”

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Season: 6, Episode 13

Back in the days of Kenny sharing Cartman’s body, we got this excellent take on The Lord of the Rings. This is one of the first times we learn about older students in South Park, when the sixth graders are not happy they’ve lost their copy of Backdoor Sluts 9, which makes Crotch Capers 3 look like Naughty Nurses 2.  

8. “Christian Hard Rock”

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Season: Season 7, Episode 9

One of Cartman’s many good ideas is to start a Christian rock band, because duh they make millions. How he manages to get Token, who has always hated him, to agree to be in the band is a mystery to us still. But we enjoy his musical wisdom, like “I wanna feel his salvation all over my face.”

7. “Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo”

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Season: 1, Episode 9

“Howdy ho!” It’s not Christmas time without Mr. Hankey around. A true O.G. in the world of South Park, Mr. Hankey is SP‘s mock on Mickey Mouse and while we love Disney, we kind of love Mr. Hankey just as much and we always believed in him, like Kyle.

6. “Imaginationland, Episode III”

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Season: 11, Episode 12

South Park loves it’s 3-part episodes and Imaginationland started strong and ended with a bang. Our imaginations are bombed by terrorists, someone pissed in Strawberry Shortcakes eye, and Butters once again proves himself to be the true star of South Park, as he’s only one pure enough to save them all.

5. “Trapped in the Closet”

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Season: 9, Episode 12

“Dad! Tom Cruise won’t come out of the closet!” This show obliterated Tom Cruise, R. Kelly, John Travolta, and the whole church of Scientology. Tom Cruise tried to get this episode banned and South Park in trouble, but the damage was already done. He was in the closet and South Park dragged him the hell out.

4. “Butter’s Very Own Episode”

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Season: 5, Episode 14

This Butters-centric episode was South Park‘s first foray into diving more into Butters character. The first few seasons focused more of the main four characters. But with Butters’s own episode, we get to understand Butters as the adorable, sweet, naive character that he is…he’s never seen Fisting Firemen 1-8, but he knows the sequel must have been sad, since his dad came out of the theater with a bunch of tissues.

3. “Make Love, Not Warcraft”

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Season: 10, Episode 8

Season 10 was a prime season for South Park. When the kids can’t play World of Warcraft because some butthole keeps killing them, they decide to team up, never leave their houses, and find a way to kill the dude. Featuring Randy the Newb, Butters’s love for Hello Kitty Island Adventure, and Cartman shitting in a bucket that his mother holds, this is South Park as we expect it. 

2. “Woodland Critters Christmas”

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Season: 8, Episode 14

The is possibly the most fucked up episode of television we’ve ever watched. The Woodland Christmas critters look like adorable little critters, ready to celebrate Christmas, but that’s about where the cuteness ends. We spent the entire episode trying to figure out who the hell on this show is fucked up enough to create these critters, and we were not at all surprised to find out it was Cartman.

1. “Scott Tenorman Must Die”

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Season: 5, Episode 4

If you got this far in the list and didn’t expect “Scott Tenorman Must Die” would be number 1, we’re more shocked than you. There will never be a greater line in an episode than “I made you eat your parents!” This episode reigns supreme over all the others because it’s a firm reminder to never, ever fuck with Eric Cartman. No matter how annoying he is, he will always win.

Special Shout Out:  Pilot – “Cartman Gets An Anal Probe”

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It may not be the best (it was the first after all) but the first episode of this series gave us anal probes, Ike & Kyle’s strange “kick the baby” routine, and many of Cartman’s greatest phrases like: “No kitty, this is my pot pie!”, “Screw you guys, I’m going home!”, and “I’m not fat, I’m big boned!”

In case you’re like us, and one good episode of South Park makes you want to binge-watch all of them, you can stream every single episode online. You’re welcome.