‘Game Of Thrones’ Houses Reimagined As Pokemon Are Your New Favorite Thing

You’re never going to look at the Game of Thrones houses the same way again. This series of illustrations by Salt Lake City artist Kaleb Raleigh transform the house sigils into Pokemon. Basically, it’s like if the Game Of Thrones houses were gyms — and it’s so cool!

Here’s House Stark if it was a Pokemon. Checkout the evolution. It’s definitely an ice type.

Deviant Art

How awesome is House Lannister as a rock type?

Deviant Art

House Baratheon gives Pikachu a run for his money as an electric reindeer.

Deviant Art

House Targaryen looks like it could slay Charizard, no problem.

Deviant Art

The Night’s Watch look pretty powerful as a dark type crow.

Deviant Art

Check out the rest of the batch on Deviant Art. Which badges do you think the houses would give out if they were a gym?