‘Glee’-Quitter Chord Overstreet Will Visit ‘The Middle’

Chord OverstreetThe Overstreetian buzz was aplenty earlier this summer when trouty-mouth Sam unexpectedly dropped out of Glee based on not receiving a starring role for the third season. This caused a lot of hoopla (hoopla!) as season two wrapped up with a cliffhanger teasing a budding relationship between Sam and Mercedes (Amber Riley). While Glee is fixing that whole debacle up by pairing Mercedes with a typecast linebacker, Chord Overstreet will be returning to television in a guest spot on ABC’s The Middle.

Overstreet will undergo a rapid aging process in the eyes of fans. Whereas on Glee he played a high school junior, he is now set to play a teacher to young Brick’s (Atticus Shaffer) elementary school class. Overstreet’s character will be zealous and hands-on, which will pose a problem when he crosses paths with the adamantly apathetic parent pair Frankie and Mike Heck (Patricia Heaton and Neil Flynn).

Whether this role will grow into one of multiple recurrences or not is yet to be determined, but it’ll probably be easier to write out an eccentric teacher if Overstreet decides to jump ship again than it was to oust one of the primary characters into whom the series invested a large sum of development. Line up some subs, The Middle.

Source: TVLine