‘Glee’ vs. ‘Zoolander’: Who Covered Wham!’s ‘Wake Me Up’ The Best?

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The week Glee evoked squeals of nostalgic delight as the students of McKinley High covered Wham!’s ultimate guilty pleasure song, “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.” From their epically ’80s fashion to their finger-snapping dance movies, Blaine and Sam rocked the auditorium stage to kick off the glee club’s week of secretly loved singing sensations. Complete with the “Choose Life” t-shirts and super-short shorts, the dynamic duo known as Blam made us want to get up and dance like nobody’s watching.

But Wham!’s original high-energy performance has twirled its way into the hearts of millions through many more homages in TV and movies. From shows like GleeFamily Guy, and The X Factor to classic comedies such as The Wedding Singer, Talladega Nights, and Zoolander, many have tried to surpass the ’80s greatness of Wham! — but few have actually succeeded.

So now Hollywood.com needs your help to settle a bicoastal office debate: Which of the following seven renditions of the modern classic puts the boom boom into your heart?

1. The Original Toe-Tapper:

Here’s the falsetto fantasy that started it all! Bask in the soft neon glow of Wham!’s shorty-shorts and behold the hideous hairstyles of the ’80s. There’s even a super-sweet mullet hat, plus a gold hoop earing that makes all the girls shriek with delight as the band performs the world’s most repetitive dance moves with smiles on their faces.

2. Glee’s Blamtastic Version:

Complete with super sexy wind-blown hair, Glee’s Blaine and Sam pay homage to the ‘80s classic in “Guilty Pleasures.” With scrunchies, ankle socks, and Ray Ban-style sunglasses that are clearly from Urban Outfitters, the Glee cast gets an A for effort and energy on their high school rendition.

3. Family Guy’s Tribal Take:


When Chris joined the Peace Corps he embraced all the unique traditions and customs of his new tribal family including, their barely there loincloths and celebratory dance moves. Chris’s screechy voice yet perfectly choreographed moves on the song makes us want to cover our ears and smile at the same time.

4. Zoolander’s Infamous Gas Fight:

Okay, Ben Stiller and his crew of really really ridiculously good-looking male model friends are not actually singing in this clip, but come on — this is amazing! From the giddy car ride to the playful gasoline fight, not to mention that explosive ending, it’s no wonder why they’re making a Zoolander 2. P.S. Is anyone else craving an orange mocha frappuccino right now?

5. John C. Reilly’s A Capella Homage:

In Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, John C. Reilly belts out his best version of the pop hit as his racecar loving character Cal Naughton Jr. His off-key melody and soulful head bobbing will really draw you in to the words of Wham!.

6. The X Factor’s Confetti Concert:

Who better to pay homage to the British musical duo than the 2009 finalists of UK’s The X Factor? All that really needs to be said is that a bunch of really talented and attractive people are running around stage during a well-rehearsed, seizure-inducing light show.

7. The Wedding Singer’s Wake Up Call:

Adam Sandler gets a sultry and tone-deaf earful when his ex-fiancee Linda serenades him awake in The Wedding Singer. Not only does Linda butcher the words, but she also openes the door wearing only Robbie’s Van Halen t-shirt when Julia comes to profess her love! Even Billy Idol agrees that was a bitchy move. 

Did any of these covers surpass the original jitterbug-loving greatness of Wham!? Cast your vote in the poll below and then hit the comments to defend your pop culture pick!

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