Go Behind The Scenes Of ‘MacGyver’ In Video Interview


You have a paperclip, an envelope, and bubble gum, and a bomb is about to explode. What do you do to save the day?


The original MacGyver was a 1985 show that pitted MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) against impossible situations, but the man always found a way to save the day.

Now in 2016 we are getting a television reboot. Lucas Till is taking the pivotal role of Angus MacGyver. In this version, Angus creates an organization inside the US government. Not much is known, but fans of the old version do not have to worry, this series hasn’t changed much. First off, it’s directed by James Wan, normally known for the Saw series, but also knows action with his contribution to the Fast & The Furious franchise with Furious 7.

In the above interview, go behind the scenes of day 1 of shooting ‘MacGyver’ with the stars of the show Lucas Till and George Eads, and find out how insane the production  is from day 1.


MacGyver premieres Friday, September 23, 2016, at 8:00 PM on CBS.