‘Gotham’ cast talk making a modern mythology in exclusive clip

After almost 5 years and 100 episodes ‘Gotham’ finished their series last night.

Batman doesn’t just become Batman because he’s bored, he’s pushed. Over the years the characters have pushed him to decide his fate. There are three different kinds of pathways that characters have taken. There’s evil, a la Penguin, Joker, etc. There’s unlawful good with Jim Gordon, who had to do questionable things that aren’t necessarily legal but have to be done. Then there’s the kind of character like Alfred whose had a bad past, but has changed because of who he has to take care of.

In the above video watch an exclusive look called “Making a Modern Mythology” where Executive Producer John Stephens, Morena Baccarin, Sean Pertwee, and Cory Michael Smith dive more into what that means and about the characters.


Gotham: Season 5 is available now on Digital. The full special feature will be available at digital retailers on 4/29 with the purchase of Gotham: Season 5 Season Pass.