The 10 Most Gruesome Deaths on ‘The Walking Dead’

Deaths on The Walking Dead are a lot like Taco Bell speciality menu items. You know they’re going to be gross and they’re probably going to upset your stomach, but you just can’t help yourself. While this summer’s west coast zombie appetizer, Fear the Walking Dead, has just come to an end, the main course, The Walking Dead’s sixth season, is right around the corner. To celebrate, we’ve wrangled up some of our favorite stomach churning deaths.

Major Spoiler Warning!

10. Noah

Called one of the grossest deaths on the show, it’s still hard to watch. Noah’s final words, “Don’t let go,” ring in our ears and the scene left us feeling like Glenn trapped between those revolving doors, just waiting for it to end.

9. Aiden

Poor Aiden. He was blown up by a grenade, impaled on a metal bar, and torn apart by walkers, but worst of all, his death was largely overshadowed by Noah’s much cooler death.

8. Sam

Deaths in The Walking Dead are often notable for how sudden they are, but in this case, Sam’s death stood out for how painfully drawn out it was. Rick, Daryl, and Glenn are really lucky the Terminus butchers started on the other side of the trough.

7. Gareth

At least Rick was able to avenge Sam (and countless other Terminus victims), mercilessly hacking Terminus leader Gareth to a bloody pulp.

6. Tomas

One of Rick’s earliest “uh, did he really do that?” moments. After Tomas proved to be a danger to the safety of the group, Rick delivered some good old Rick-styled justice and drove a machete into his skull.

5. Joe

Another entry in the long list of reasons why you don’t fuck with Rick Grimes. Rick was absolutely justified in killing Joe and the rest of the Claimers after they attempted to rape Carl, but when Rick took a bite out of his jugular, it blurred the line between walker and human.

4. Hershel

And just like that, the group’s voice of reason was gone. Although from a pure gore perspective, Hershel’s leg being hacked off in season three is much harder to stomach.

3. Lori

Childbirth itself is pretty gross, but a farm girl performing a post-apocalyptic prison c-section is worse than anything we saw in sex ed class.

2. Sophia

The Walking Dead has never been afraid to kill children from the very first walker killed in season one to Lizzie in season four, but something stands out about Sophia’s death. It’s not as physically disgusting as some of the other entries on our list, but the image of a “turned” Sophia locked up in the barn while Rick’s group were out searching for her makes our hearts drop.

1. Well Walker

The “Well Walker” has a special place in our hearts as the grossest moment in the series. MTV‘s Josh Wigler called the Well Walker “the most vile, disgusting zombie that Greg Nicotero has ever created” and you feel like you can almost smell the water-logged corpse as the walker writhes around on the ground.