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15 Reasons Hal From ‘Malcolm In The Middle” Is The Best Dad Ever

If you watch AMC, then you probably know Bryan Cranston as Walter White from Breaking Bad. But for me, he will always be Hal Cleaver, the hairy, loving, crazy father from Malcolm in the Middle.
1. Hal is the kind of dad that can teach you valuable life skills:


2. He feeds his children food straight from Heaven’s pearly gates:


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3. He’s great at making sure siblings take care of each other:


4. You will never have to worry if he’s in love with your mom:


5. He’s a very handy man:


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Okay, not so handy, but extra-entertaining.

6. He’s a resourceful man:


Disgusting…or brilliant before his time?

7. If things get bad, he won’t make you tell mom:


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8. He’s honest with his kids:


9. Honest and smart: 

10. He worries about the things that matter:


11. He’s very proud of his children’s work:


12. He knows how to make boring food taste better:


Without you knowing.

13. He makes dinner an entertaining event:


14. You could never be bored with Hal for a father:


15. Most importantly, he will teach you all the best dance moves:


Hal forever. Walter who?


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