‘Hawaii Five-0’ Recap: Ka Ho’oponopno

Hawaii-Five-0S2E13: …And we’re back after a three-week break.

Tonight’s episode of Hawaii Five-0 featured two separate stories; first to the main one …

When a teenage girl is murdered, Five-0 scurry in several wrong directions before arriving at the proper conclusion — as is typically the case for the show.

Seventeen-year-old Emily is found dead in her bed, and the investigation immediately turns toward her boyfriend, Luke — and for good reason(s): His fingerprints are found on Emily’s window, they’d recently been fighting, and he has a criminal record.

When Five-0 go to question him, he tries to commit suicide by overdosing, but fails — and naturally, the initial suspect proves virtually harmless, as Luke, although perhaps not the perfect boyfriend, is cleared of murder.

The focus shifts to Karen, Emily’s high school BFF and de facto confidant who Five-0 think might explain why Emily stole thousands of dollars from her father recently. She does, and at first the investigation takes a disturbing turn toward Emily’s father — with whom, it appears, Karen was sleeping and (unwittingly) made a sex tape. 

Appearances can be deceiving, though, as Emily’s father’ isn’t having a relationship with Karen. The mix-up does, however, lead Five-0 to another break in the case, as they detain a high school classmate who’d been watching — and blackmailing — several people via a webcam hack, including Emily, whose murder he actually manages to capture on video.

Thanks to that video, Five-0 soon identify the murderer as professional hitman Michael Angelico (aka David Savage), but the true motive for the hit is rather anticlimactic and convoluted, and involves a small-claims case whose jury consultant is involved in a blood-money trail that was dependent on replacing Emily’s father as a juror. Oh, and it involves steel.

The side-story is actually the more intriguing one. The distrust of Joe White by the Five-0 continues to grow following his unclear involvement in the apparent death of the Yakuza’s leader, Hiro Noshimuri. Hiro’s son, Adam, kidnaps Joe, who is rescued in a not-so-friendly manner by McGarrett (translation: war in future episodes), and a fed-up Steve demands the truth from Joe. A defiant Joe walks out of the car — after revealing that he helped Hiro Noshimuri fake his own death.


1. The opening scene, which characteristically goes from joyous to harrowing at the drop of a scream.

2. The high-speed-chase scene in which Chin and Joe are being pursued by members of what appear the Yakuza, who spin Chin’s car around and give the old index-finger-gunshot motion as they drive by.

3. The scene in which we learn that Karen’s father might (or, ultimately, might not) be involved in Emily’s death – and the great setup thereof.

4. “You want a lawyer, I wanna bounce your head off this cement wall. How ‘bout I get what I want and you don’t?” –Danny to Emily’s father after arresting him.

5. Steve and Danny blindfold juror Ray Donovan and take him to the peak of what appears to be a rather high cliff to try and get information out of him. Doesn’t seem like the most professional method of getting information out of him, even if the cliff they push him off of winds up being pretty short.