‘Hawaii Five-0′ Recap: Ma’eme’e

Hawaii Five-0S2E5: This week’s episode Hawaii Five-0 answers everyone’s, especially Chin’s, questions about Kono: She is working undercover for International Affairs, under the reign of Capt. Vincent Fryer (Tom Sizemore), to take down cop-gone-bad Frank DeLano (Billy Baldwin).

The episode opens on a high school girls volleyball coach—loved by his students, faculty, alumni, everyone (isn’t that always the case with teachers in these kinds of shows?)—murdered in his locker room after a big victory for his team. The Five-0 investigate his living quarters, which is a guest house on the property of the Joyners, a wealthy couple who let him live there for free, and find somewhat risque photographs of one of his students. All the while, Chin has reconnected with his ex-fiancee, who makes her own attempt at reaching out to the contentious Kono, to no avail.

They speak to the girl, only to find out that the photographs were not taken by the coach, but by an advertising agency. The coach was displeased with his student’s decision and she relinquished the photos to him. However, upon investigating a hotel reservation, the Five-0 finds out that it was not his student that the coach was sneaking around with, but the female half of the married couple who let him live on their property rent-free. New suspect: jealous husband.

Instantly, this lead is terminated. The Five-0 go to confront the man, but he is shot dead by a distant gunman before he can reveal anything beyond, “They’re going to kill my wife!”

Chin and Lori stake out the hotel room (apparently, aforesaid wife has not checked out yet) to catch anyone who might be after her. To their surprise, Kono is the getaway driver for a thug who tries to break in to kill Mrs. Joyner. She speeds away, but she is caught by the Five-0, who take her into custody. However, while there, the team is visited by Capt. Fryer, who reveals that Kono is working for him undercover to take down DeLano. The team accuses him of using Kono to exact revenge on his crooked former partner, but Fryer and Kono insist they continue with their mission.

Kono goes back undercover, helping DeLano coerce Mrs. Joyner (who they find at her hotel room) take out and bequeath unto them her safety deposit box—when the two are alone, Kono admits to Joyner that she is an undercover cop to put her at ease. The ending bank shoot out sees Kono reclaim her stance as hero, Fryer get his revenge on DeLano, and the team back together again.

Top Five Moments from Tonight’s Episode

1. Another LOST reunion. After the gift of John Locke helping out the force, Jin Soo Kwon interrogating Alexandra Linus/Rosseau is just some very sweet icing on a wonderful, wonderful cake.

2. Capt. Fryer’s revelation. The team sort of had a collective “Oh, so that’s what’s been going on” moment when they find out the truth about Kono’s recent shadiness.

3. Lori’s flustered rambling in the hotel room to Chin about her hardly veiled attraction to Steve…and Chin’s stoic, marginally interested responses.

4. Capt. Fryer’s taking Steve’s slap-in-the-face with dignity, and accepting the command to never mess with his team again. Admirable, considering that this is the same man who set out on a path of bloody revenge that endangered the lives of other police officers earlier that day.

5. Kono’s coming back into her own during the bank scene, wherein she takes command by asserting to Mrs. Joyner that she’ll be all right, and by pretty much winning control of the standoff.