‘Hawaii Five-0’ Recap: Mai Ka Wa Kahiko

Hawaii-Five-0S2E15: Tonight’s episode of Hawaii Five-0 was a tough one for Danny, but a good one for us viewers — maybe the season’s best.

It starts out seemingly unrelated in any way to Danny. A prisoner, Sal Painter, being transported via plane escapes his shackles and is nowhere to be found, with a dead U.S. Marshal — his escort — found in the plane’s lavatory. Surveillance footage of the getaway shows another man, an accomplice, who is listed in the flight records as Rick Maguire. But Five-0 soon finds out that Rick Maguire has been dead for years, and that the deceased Marshal knew Danny from back in New Jersey. So the connection begins …

Before long, the escaped convict, Painter, is apprehended, but it turns out that he didn’t kill the Marshal, instead merely taking up this Maguire guy’s offer to unlock his shackles and help him off the plane undetected. That’s when, almost simultaneously, Five-0 discovers that the Marshal was, in fact, attempting to call Danny just seconds before he was killed AND spy-type photos, of Danny’s daughter Grace, on a computer at the “Maguire” residence. The plot thickens.

Soon thereafter, Grace is kidnapped by Maguire, posing as a police officer, thus setting in motion a sadistic cat-and-mouse — or puppetmaster — game between him and Danno. The evil “Maguire” is actually Rick Peterson (superb guest star Peter Greene), no stranger at all to Danny but rather his former corrupt partner from New Jersey whom he helped put in jail for 10 years.

Peterson is out for revenge on Danny, but he’s willing to spare his daughter’s life (nice guy!) if Danny follows all of his instructions perfectly, and in the end, there’s only one of importance: Shoot and kill Stan Edwards, the man who came between Danny and Rachel, so that — as Peterson puts it — Rachel doesn’t forgive him and he loses the only thing that matters to him, his family. Just like Peterson’s fate when he went to prison for a decade.

Danny follows those instructions — with a little sleight of hand mixed in for good measure (see below), and ultimately Peterson is arrested without even resisting and Grace is, of course, perfectly fine.


1. The opening sequence, which plays like an aerophobe’s worst nightmare: The stewardess goes to the back of the plane to check on a prisoner passenger and his police escort, only to find the former’s open shackles on the floor and the latter dead in the bathroom!

2. The chase scene in which Steve and Danny are running after Painter, who flashes an “I’m gonna outrun ‘em!” smile just before getting blindsided by Danny and landing in the pool.

3. The scene in which Chin and Steve break into “Maguire’s” home, which has seemingly been vacant for a long time, only to find a computer projecting creepy surveillance-type photos of Danny’s daughter.

4. The chilling scene in which we find out who “Maguire” is – and how sadistic he is. We also see some of the best acting yet from Scott Caan.

5. The climactic scene in which Danny, with no other choice, shoots and kills Stan. Only he doesn’t: He fires one shot into Stan’s shoulder and the rest into the grass, which is imperceptible to Peterson, from afar. Trickery!