‘Hawaii Five-O’ Recap: Ke Kinohi

Following my patent pending “Hawaii Five-O Recap Grade-Agrator” (name subject to change weekly based on previous week’s level of alcohol consumption and whether or not my mother has figured out my new phone number) this week’s episode sucked. Let’s hit some bullet points!

-No Grace Park in a bikini.

-No obtuse product placements.

-No crazy guest stars (Jean Smart doesn’t count, she’s been in it before. I guess they’re saving up for Dane Cook).

-No riffing between Danno and McGarrett

-No Grace Park in a bikini.

As you can see, there just wasn’t that much going on for the episode.

I guess it had to happen, as this was another big seasonal arc episode focusing on McGarrett’s family. We learn that the big bad person behind all of this is some Japanese mafioso that has some extensive business ties and, most importantly, HE HAS TIES TO THE GOVERNOR HERSELF! I know, right? It’s shocking. This all just felt so… underwhelming? I mean, the whole “big bad guy has ties to the political world” plot has been done to death and this won’t be the last time we’ll see it, but couldn’t the writers have at least tried to make it interesting? I was thoroughly bored by it all and even when the other (younger and skinnier) bad guy shows up near the middle of the episode (as the probable bad guy, or hit man) it just felt like a let down.

Sure I want a continuous arc, but maybe not with McGarrett? It’s unfortunate that it took me this long to see just how wooden an actor Alex O’Loughlin really is. I can totally believe him when he’s being a bad-ass and telling Danno off, but when he’s supposed to get emotional about all of this, I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t see “it” in his eyes and the already weak script wasn’t doing anything for him either. It’s a shame, too, because O’Loughlin could be a decent actor on this show but the writers have got to start re-think their strategy for the character.

Perhaps one of the reasons I have been overlooking O’Loughlin’s shortcomings as an actor was because he was being propped up by the other actors. Scott Caan was nearly non-existent in this episode, coming off of his Golden Globe nomination. He’s a great supporting actor, but they have to let him actually do some supporting if they want the show to work. Not to mention that Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park (normally relegated to the peripherals) were pushed way out there.

Maybe this is all just a little phase. I have a feeling that they’ll be back to solving the weekly case soon, but if they’re going to keep investigating cases that McGarrett’s dad was working on at the time of his death is H50 going to become another Cold Case? I was just getting used to the procedurals H5O! Don’t go messing with me now!

I will give this episode some credit for including a few really cool action scenes. McGarrett busting out a motorcycle through a door and up a flight of stairs? Pretty bad ass. They almost pulled off another when he landed the helicopter in front of the speeding car, but because this is Hawaii Five-O I expected them to land the helicopter ON the car. Maybe next week.