Helena Bonham Carter to Play Liz Taylor: Is She a Better Liz Than Lindsay Lohan?

Helena Bonham Carter Liz Taylor vs. Lindsay Lohan Liz Taylor

Lindsay Lohan has got herself a new rival: Helena Bonham Carter.

The British actress, beloved most recently for her portrayal of Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter movies, is taking on Elizabeth Taylor in the the BBC’s version of the love story of the actress and Richard Burton called Taylor and Burton, according to Deadline. In case you missed it, Lohan also tried to leverage Liz for a comeback in the monumental Lifetime stinker Liz & Dick.

It’s fairly obvious that Carter will do a better job with the tortured actress and her tumultuous affair with Dick Burton — after all, she’s an Oscar-nominated actress. But Lilo had certain claims to the character, namely their shared affinity for endless complication and drama. Carter may deliver the better performance in the end, but when it comes down to it, who’s really more of a Liz?

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Upbringing: Who’s More British?

Elizabeth Taylor was born in London, England to a family of Americans from Kansas. It’s where she got her royal superiority, we suppose.

Helena Bonham Carter: Born in London, England to a British family. So she feels just as British as the rest of her family.

Lindsay Lohan: Born in New York and raised in Long Island by Michael and Dina Lohan. God help her.

Winner of 10 Liz Points: Carter

Relationships: Who’s Had The Most Hubands?

Liz Taylor was married eight times. Two of those marriages were with Richard Burton, who she made a string of movies with.

Helena Bonham Carter: She’s not married, but she does live in adjoining houses with Tim Burton (Coincidence? Exactly.), who she makes many movies with.

Lindsay Lohan: Sure, she dated Wilmer Valderramma for a while, then dated Sam Ronson even longer and talked about it… a lot. She’s recently been spotted making out with a member of The Wanted, but we mostly can’t hear the romantic chatter above all the noise of her rehab stints, alleged theiving, and car accidents.

Winner of 10 Liz Points: Split*

*While Liz’s relationship were often bigger than her rehab stories, she and Lindsay have shared past experiences on the dark side. Carter gets points because her great love is a Burton? And the work together?! Come on!

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Career: Who Let the Spotlight Ruin Them For Other Humans?

Liz Taylor’s life became tumultuous as she grew older, a factor many people attribute to the fact that she was a child star who continued her fame into adulthood.

Helena Bonham Carter: She started acting when she was sixteen and enjoyed a slow burn to greater fame.

Lindsay Lohan: Shot to fame as a young kid, and remained there until she started to burn out, for which she gained a whole other level of fame.

Winner of 10 Liz Points: Lindsay

Relationship With Jewelry: Who’s Got a More Intimate Love of Diamonds?

Taylor famously had $150 million worth of diamonds when she passed away, and she wore a 33.19-carat Krupp Diamond daily. Now that’s dedication.

Helena Bonham Carter: Is she even wearing jewelry? What’s the insane feathered thing on the back of her dress? I know I shouldn’t like it, but I just can’t stop looking at it…

Lindsay Lohan: She may not be able to reach Liz-level with her own collections of diamonds, but every once in a while she allegedly gets the urge to bring a necklace home, allegedly without paying for it. (It’s that thing where she was accused of stealing a necklace. Keep up.)

Winner of 10 Liz Points: Lindsay, if only because she loves jewelry enough to allegedly steal it.

Products: Who’s Got the Diamond Touch?

Do you remember those soft, hazy commercials that came to you as if from dream? Taylor would appear, beckoning you to wear her perfume, White Diamonds, and your grandma was practically out the door and ready to pick up a bottle every single time.

Helena Bonham Carter: She had a clothing line called Pantaloonies, and they made wacky swimsuits. Marc Jacob asked her to be the face of his 2011 fasion line, which is only a half credit, but we’ll let her have it.

Lindsay Lohan: She once slapped her name on a line of leggings and a self-tanner at Sephora. Because she likes to keep it classy.

Winner of 10 Liz Points: Carter

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Style: Which Actress Has a Flair for Haute Couture?

Taylor’s style, while oppulent and often over-the-top, was nothing but memorable and glamorous. No matter what she wore, it always made a statement.

Helena Bonham Carter: She may be too much for some style mavens to handle, but Carter’s got her own fashion groove and some of the most discerning minds in the business are loving it. Vanity Fair put her on their top 10 best dressed list in 2010. She’s a little out there, but totally on top of her game.

Lindsay Lohan: How do we put this gently? Lohan dresses like a cross between biker joint barfly and a former Real Housewife of Reno.

Winner of 10 Liz Points: Carter

The Lizziest: Carter, with 35 points to Lilo’s 20. She may not be a tabloid darling, but from the looks of things, Carter may have the historical chops to back up her turn as Liz Taylor after all. Watch out, Lindsay, you’re about to have a completely legitimate TV movie to rival your accidental two-hour SNL audition tape.

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