Here’s Everything We Know About What Happened on ‘The Walking Dead’

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The season finale of The Walking Dead was all reward and no payoff. The season’s “Who shot JR?” style finale took any sense of satisfaction out of what would have been an otherwise amazing episode. Jeffrey Dean Morgan‘s Negan was perfect. He was psychotic and crude, yet had a wonderful charm and sense of humor to him. For a Walking Dead fan, our first introduction to Negan was everything we hoped it would be, except for one minor detailed: we never went to pee pee pants city. So who did Negan kill? We think we know.

1. We know it was a beloved character

On The Talking Dead, showrunner Scott Gimple promised that eagle eyed fans would be able to uncover hidden clues to the season’s second biggest mystery (right after “Why do I keep watching this show?”), but Gimple also dropped an unintentional hint. He promised that season 7 would follow the group as they respond to the death of a “beloved character.” This would imply that the person who dies is someone of importance like Rick, Carl, Michonne, Glenn, Maggie, or Daryl instead of someone like, let’s say, Aaron.

2. We know the results of eeny, meeny, miny, moe

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If there’s one thing we learned from The Walking Dead season finale, it’s that Negan has no idea how to play eeny, meeny, miny, moe. He didn’t even follow the simple one person, one word rule (for example, Aaron gets the whole sentence “If he hollers, let him go”). However that doesn’t mean there isn’t some logic to his pattern. Reddit user imRawndo plotted Negan’s game and theorized that Glenn is probably the one who got the bat.

3. We see the scene from the victim’s point of view

The most important piece of evidence might be the show’s final moments. Rather than a blatant marketing ploy and cash grab, we think the character’s point of view shot has a huge amount of significance. While Negan is monologuing, he’s standing against the backdrop of the RV, however while he’s swinging the bat, you’ll notice that there’s no RV behind him. This means that Negan’s victim is most likely someone at the end of the line like Daryl or Glenn.

There’s also another piece of evidence that points to Glenn. Usually POV shots are reserved for when a director wants to let us inside of a character’s head and explore their understanding of the world. We’ve seen Glenn change a lot over the past few episodes. In an interview with MTV News, executive producer David Alpert warned, that “Glenn as good angel, I believe, is dead.” While attacking the Saviors, we saw Glenn take his first like and in the process he saw photos of other people who had their skulls bashed in by Negan. In the series finale, we’re let into Glenn’s mind as he’s trying to make sense of his final moments.

4. We know it wasn’t originally intended to be a cliffhanger

Although Chandler Riggs has claimed he still doesn’t know who died in the season finale, in an interview with TV Insider, Jeffrey Dean Morgan admitted, “I didn’t know it was going to be a cliffhanger until I watched the show.” This would imply that a conclusion to the finale has already been filmed. Although it was originally written off as fake, leaked footage from the show’s set depicts Jeffrey Dean Morgan bashing what appears to be a cast of Steven Yeun‘s head.

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