Here’s What Miranda’s Son From ‘Sex and the City’ Looks Like Now!


We were first introduced to the adorable red-headed Brady Hobbes in what it still one of the best episodes of Sex and the City. The adorable tot made his debut in season four, in the episode, “I Heart New York”. Despite his father Steve having one testicle and his mom , Miranda having a lazy ovary, Brady was destined to be here.

The last time we saw our precious Brady, he was living it up in Brooklyn with his parents. Still, it’s been 12 years since the series finale of Sex and the City and 6 years since  Sex and the City 2 debuted in theaters. So what has Joseph Pupo, the actor who played Brady Hobbes been up to since then?


Pupo recently sat down with YouTube stars Sas Goldberg and Jake Wilson and it turns out, a whole lot of what went down on the SATC set is really fuzzy for him. He also has no idea who Carrie ended up with in the series. He said he, “Just never did ― wasn’t interested.” We can’t say that we blame Pupo, he was really little when it all went down, so he probably sees the fab four as mother figures. Flip to see  what Joseph Pupo looks like now.


Watch the entire interview below!