Winter is Coming! 14 Holiday Gifts for a ‘Game of Thrones’ Addict

Winter is coming and so is the burden of holiday shopping. Whether you’re shopping for a Lannister or a Stark, we’ve got you covered. Here are 14 gifts any Game of Thrones fan would love:

"Winter is Coming" Sweater
Winter is Coming Sweater, Etsy
Just like Old Nan used to knit. Stay warm with this stylish sweater from Etsy for only $19.99.
Game of Thrones Board Game
Game of Thrones Board Game, Fantasy Flight Games
Fantasy Flight Games
If you'd like to pretend to be a real Westerosi lord (minus all the incest), you can get the Game of Thrones board game. For only $59.95, you can plot to murder and overthrow your best friends today!
Baby Mobile
Baby Mobile, Etsy
Kids are never too young to get hooked on Game of Thrones. Give this baby mobile to your favorite newborn and they could grow up to be the next Olly. Wait on second thought...
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Vinyl Pop Figures
Game of Thrones, Vinyl Pop Figures, ThinkGeek
Take home your favorite character with these Pop Figures from ThinkGeek. The Ned Stark figure even has a detachable head in case you need a daily reminder that the world is cold and unfair.
Game of Thrones Legos
Lego, Jon Snow, Etsy
These handmade, non-licensed Lego figures from Etsy include some of your favorite characters like "The Bastard," "The Imp," and "Frosty the Dead Man."
Game of Thrones Beer
Valar Morghulis, Omme Gang Brewery
Omme Gang Brewery

Tyrion may be the God of Tits and Wine, but you can claim beer this holiday season thanks to Omme Gang Brewery which produces brews like "Iron Throne," "Fire and Blood," and "Take the Black Stout."

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Game of Thrones Coasters
Game of Thrones, Coasters, HBO Store
HBO Store
If you need somewhere to set that beer down, check out these Game of Thrones house sigil coasters from the HBO Store.
Shot Glasses
Game of Thrones, Shot Glasses, HBO Store
HBO Store

If you're more of a hard liquor sort of person, you can pick up a set of Game of Thrones shot glasses from the HBO Store for $69.99.

Valyrian Steel Sword
Ice, HBO Store
HBO Store
Valyrian steel is one of the only ways to kill a White Walker so make sure you're protected this winter with this official replica of House Stark's  Valyrian steel greatsword, Ice.
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Faceless Man Coin
Faceless Man Coin, HBO Store
HBO Store
Valar Morghulis. Arya Stark used this to pay her pay into the House of Black and White and the order of the Faceless Men. Get this official Braavosi coin from the HBO Store and you could be "no one" in no time.
Dragon Eggs
Dragon Eggs, HBO Store
HBO Store
For $99.99 you can get your own set of dragon eggs and at that price, these bad boys better contain actual dragons. In order to hatch, simply walk into the funeral pyre of your deceased Dothraki husband.
Direwolf Pup
Ghost, HBO Store
HBO Store
If you're a Stark supporter, you can buy an adorable stuffed Direwolf. All the Stark wolves are available from Ghost to Summer, although the ability to warg is not included.
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Game of Thrones Cookbook
A Feast of Ice and Fire, HBO Store
HBO Store
With the official Game of Thrones cookbook, you can learn to make everything from Lemon Cakes to Frey Pies.
5 Book Set
A Song of Ice and Fire, Amazon
"Well, actually in the books..." If you want be the guy who annoys all your friends, pick up the complete five book set today. Read fast though because of The Winds of Winter is totally going to be released any day now. Right guys? Right? Guys?