20 Huge Stars You Forgot Were On ‘The O.C.’

At the beginning of the 21st century, there was perhaps no other teen show with as much frenzy surrounding it as The O.C. Not only was The O.C. amazing for its epic characters and drama, it also gave some of our biggest stars their first major taste of the entertainment industry. From some Pretty Little Liars, to a slew of vampires, here are 20 huge stars you forgot were on The O.C. “California here we come, right back where we started from.”

Chris Pratt - Che Cook 
Chris Pratt, The OC, FOX, Splash News.110915
Fox/Splash News
Before he was charming our pants off as the daft but lovable Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation, and certainly before he became a superhero in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt was Summer's hippie beau at Brown University. He even got naked and sang songs with his guitar, much to Seth's horror. We should have all known then that he would become an icon.
Paul Wesley - Donnie
Paul Wesley, The OC, FOX, Splash News, 110915
Fox/Splash News
Before Paul Wesley was all broody and smoldering as Stefan Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries, he was kind of a nut-job on The O.C.  Wesley had a quick stint in Newport as a bad boy coworker of Ryan's, who actually ends up shooting Luke in the arm. Now we all know that Luke was a major douche, but even he did not deserve that.
Amber Heard - A Salesgirl
Amber Heard, The OC, FOX, Splash News, 110915
FOX/Splash News
Before she was a movie star, and way before she became Mrs. Johnny Depp, Amber Heard played a bitchy sales girl in the second season of The O.C. Heard's character was so rude, that even Seth Cohen gave her the stank eye.
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Morena Baccarin - Maya Griffin
Morena Baccarin,The OC, FOX, Splash News,110915
FOX/Splash News
Yes, Homeland's Mrs. Brody was on The O.C. for three episodes in the third season. Though her character was not all that memorable, you might be interested to know that Morena Baccarin and Benjamin McKenzie are actually now a couple and they are expecting their first child together.  Baccarian currently plays Dr. Leslie Thompkins on FOX's  Gotham with McKenzie. Crazy world right?!
Jeffrey Dean Morgan - A Prisoner
Jeffrey Dean Morgan, The OC, FOX, Splash News, 110915
FOX/Splash News
Around the same time, Jeffrey Dean Morgan was breaking our hearts on Grey's Anatomy, he was also playing an arrogant prisoner on The O.C. We definitely liked him better as Denny.
Jamie King - Spring Break Girl
Jamie King, The OC, FOX, Splash News, 110915
FOX/ Splash News
Though she eventually joined Rachel Bilson on The CW's Hart of Dixie, Jamie King played a religious girl with a wild streak who had a major thing for Seth on The O.C. We think that if Seth Cohen licked whipped cream off of our body, we might feel a certain way about him as well.
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Shailene Woodley - Kaitlin Cooper
Shailene Woodley, The OC, FOX, Splash News,110915
FOX/Splash News
Before she spoke to our melinnial souls on ABC Family's The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and well before she was kicking ass in the Divergent trilogy, Shailene Woodley starred in the first several episodes of The O.C. as Marissa's annoying little sister Kaitlin. Afterward, Kaitlin disappeared from the show from several seasons (apparently off to boarding school), and though Woodley auditioned again when the writers decided to bring her character back, they went with actress Willa Holland instead. We doubt Woodley is terribly torn up about this.
Jackson Rathbone - Kaitlin’s Ex-boyfriend
Jackson Rathbone, The OC, FOX, Splash News, 110915,
FOX/Splash News
When Kaitlin Cooper returned to The O.C. she got her own story-lines, friends and love life. Jackson Rathbone whom we all know as Jasper from the Twilight saga, starred as Kaitlin's random ex-boyfriend who comes sniffing around in hopes of trying to find her again.
Lucy Hale - Kaitlin's BFF
Lucy Hale, The OC, FOX, Splash, News, 110915
FOX/Splash News
Before she was spinning her web of lies on Pretty Little Liars, Lucy Hale starred on the last season of The O.C. has Kaitlin Cooper's roommate and BFF. She wasn't only PLL to star on the show, Ashley Benson and Janel Parrish also had small roles. Who could have known?
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Chris Carmack - Luke Ward
Chris Carmack, The OC, FOX, Splash News, 110915
FOX/Splash News
If you remember the iconic line "Welcome to The O.C. bitch", then you certainly remember Chris Carmack as Luke Ward. Though Luke only lasted one season, he's one character from The O.C. that we could never forget. Cormack certainly hasn't stopped shining since then, he currently plays a closeted country heartthrob on ABC's Nashville.
Nikki Reed - Sadie
Nikki Reed, The OC, FOX, Splash News, 110915
FOX/Splash News
Before she was a sultry vampire in the Twilight franchise, and well before she became Ian Somerhalder's wifey, Nikki Reed starred as Sadie, Ryan's love interest on The O.C.  Sadie was super cool and down to earth, but unfortunately Ryan was only rebounding after his breakout with Marissa.
Chris Brown - Will Tutt
Chris Brown, The OC, FOX, Splash News, 110915
FOX/Splash News
So.... before we knew what Chris Brown post-2009 would become, the R&B singer played the super cute and nerdy band geek Will Tut. This was in the final season of The O.C. and though Brown only had a 3 episode arc, he befriended and eventually became a love interest for Kaitlin Cooper. Is your mind blown yet?
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Cam Gigandet - Kevin Volchok
Cam Gigandet, The OC, Fox, Splash News, 110915
FOX/Splash News
Who could forget the sexiest Twilight vampire ever? Cam Gigandet starred as Kevin Volchok, the guy who helped lead Marissa to her death. Volchok was all kinds of naughty. He was hands down one of the most memorable guest stars on The O.C.
Max Greenfield - Young Sandy Cohen
Max Greenfield, The OC, Fox, Splash News, 110915
FOX/Splash News
Before he was our adorable Schmidt on New Girl, Max Greenfield had the honor of playing a young Sandy Cohen In a flashback episode during the third season of the series. We got to see just how Sandy and Kirstin met at Berkley, and it was all kinds of cute.
Olivia Wilde - Alex Kelly
Olivia Wilde, The OC, FOX, Splash News, 110915
FOX/Splash News
Before Olivia Wilde became a household name after starring on House, she was simply known as the woman who kissed Mischa Barton on The O.C. Alex was initially seen as a love interest for Seth, but she randomly ended up getting romantically entangled with Marissa. If you know anything about The O.C. and Marissa's drama, then you probably know this did not last long.
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AnnaLynne McCord - Party Girl
AnnaLynne McCord, The OC, FOX, Splash News, 110915
FOX/Splash News
Before her days on The CW's 90210, AnnaLynne McCord was already living it up in SoCal. Though she was only onscreen for a short time, McCord caused a lot of chaos as the girl who hooked up with Kevin Volchok during Marissa's prom. They kept it really classy on The O.C.
Colin Hanks - Soap Opera Star
Colin Hanks, The OC, FOX, Splash News, 110915
FOX/Splash News
Going back now, you might not even recognize Colin Hanks on The O.C. because his haircut was so abysmal. Hanks played a soap opera star from the fictional show The Valley. Luckily Hanks' hair was totally under control when he starred on Fargo.
Paris Hilton - Club Girl
Paris Hilton, The OC, FOX, Splash News, 11091
FOX/Splash News
So, ironically (or maybe not so ironically) Paris Hilton played a version of herself on The O.C. The version that was in grad school and loved to party. During Hilson's highly promoted guest spot, she accosted Seth Cohen on the dance floor, stole a smooch and even took a selfie with a flip phone. It was all very 2003.
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Bella Thorne - Young Taylor Townsend
Bella Thorne, The OC, FOX, Splash News,111015
FOX/Splash News
How cute was Bella Thorne as a young Taylor Townsend? In a flashback episode during the fourth season of the series, Throne appeared as an impressionable Taylor who gets an invite to Summer's bday bash after letting Summer copy her homework.
Logan Marshall-Green - Trey Atwood
Logan Marshall Green, The OC, FOX, Splash News,111015
FOX/Splash News
We know that you totally forgot about Ryan's horrid older brother Trey and all of the drama that he got Ryan into. We didn't necessarily want him to die, but we weren't mad when Marissa shot him either. Luckily, Logan Marshall-Green seems like a lot more fun than Trey.