Netflix Must-Series: ‘Wolverine and the X-Men’

Wolverine & The X-MenMarvel/Nicktoons

Everyone loved the 1990’s X-Men: The Animated Series.  It was the first time fans of the popular comic books could watch all their favorite characters in a full-fledged cartoon. After all, the X-Men universe is like an action-filled soap opera with the constant changing allegiances, resurrections, and alternating romantic partners. Wolverine and the X-Men  gives the popular series an update with higher stakes, newer characters, and a fresh take on the franchise.

After a mysterious explosion at the X-Mansion, Professor Xavier and Jean Grey disappear, then the X-Men disband. The government creates the Mutant Response Division and starts to imprison mutants. Wolverine decides to re-form the X-Men with a few remaining members and he begins to get messages from Professor Xavier who is trapped in the future. Wolverine must try and change the growing political climate and development of sentinels or they risk the future Professor X is trapped in.

What’s great about the series is that it brings more action to the franchise. The graphics are great and there are more cameos of characters that are currently appearing in the comic books. Emma Frost, The White Queen, appears as Cyclops’ potential love interest. This is more in line with the more recent comic book storylines. The cartoon also has higher stakes. The X-Men are facing a world with the government after them, Magneto as the dictator of Genosha, his own all-mutant country, and no real resources.

Comic book fans, X-Men addicts, and people who enjoy a good action-filled cartoon series will really appreciate this well-made series. Rather than regurgitating storylines from the comic books it went in its own general direction with certain nods to popular moments in X-history. If you enjoyed X-Men: First Class you probably will like this new take on the popular comic book characters.  Sadly, the series was prematurely cancelled due to lack of financing. Luckily, the entire first season is available on Netflix.