‘Human Target’ Has Varma and Montgomery In It’s Crosshairs

Indira VarmaThe continuing adventures of Christopher Chance (Mark Valley) requires additional assistance aside from his trusted right hand man Winston (Chi McBride) and hacker henchman Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley), and so Fox has decided to bring Indira Varma and Janet Montgomery onto its returning action/adventure series Human Target full time this year.

MTV reports that the actresses will play resourceful women who aid the core cast members in various capacities. Varma, best known as Niobe in HBO’s Rome, will play Ilsa Pucci, a newly widowed billionaire who is aided by Chance after the murder of her husband. Following the end of her case, she offers to become the benefactor of Chance, Winston and Guerrero, essentially becoming the owner of their protection agency as well as providing access to nearly unlimited resources and personal connections around the world.

Montgomery will also be joining the cast in a recurring role as Ames, an expert thief who has crossed paths with Winston during his days as a police officer. Ames reportedly accepts a job from Winston with their protection agency in order to get her life back on track. Montgomery is currently appearing as Jennie on this season of HBO’s Entourage and has roles in Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan and My Idiot Brother opposite Paul Rudd and Elizabeth Banks.

Fox is making the right move by injecting some estrogen into Human Target. The show, based on a DC Comics property of the same name, is totally skewed toward young males and though they love seeing their heroes outrun and outsmart the competition, they also need some sex appeal to warrant their following. Female characters on the show have thus far been relegated to either damsel in distress, convenient one-shot ally or femme fatale. We never see a pretty face for more than forty-two minutes before it is killed or written off, so having a reliable vixen like Varma to count on will certainly add a new dynamic to a show that has the potential to be a long-running hit for the network.

Human Target returns to Fox on Friday, September 24th.

Source: MTV