If Your Favorite TV Shows Were Starbucks Orders…

A good cup of coffee and a good TV show aren’t all that different. Both are addicting, both vary depending on your personal preferences, and both help us get through our day! Here are what your favorite TV shows might look like if they appeared on a Starbucks menu.

Game of Thrones - Tall black dark roast
Only the most diehard coffee-lovers brave this strong roast on its own. As one of Starbucks' most popular featured blends, the dark roast is said to be "intense" and "bold"; just like our favorite HBO show. Game of Thrones is probably the most intense show on TV right now and, like a cup of dark roast (sans cream and sugar), not for the weakhearted.
The Flash - Cappuccino with an extra shot of espresso
Warner Bros Television
As is, the classic cappuccino caters to those needing a boost of caffeine. Add in that extra shot of espresso and you'll be buzzing with energy all day long. Graced with super-speed, we think The Flash manifests this unstoppable beverage!
The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - Double Chocolaty Chip Crème Frappuccino
(with extra whipped cream!)
Netflix, kimmy-schmidt, titus,
Kimmy is UNBREAKABLE and it's pretty hard to break one's spirit after indulging in the sweetest treat on the menu. Like this scrumptious frappe, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is deliciously binge-able. The series makes us want to stay on the couch all day long, and gives us that euphoric feeling of being on a total sugar high.
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Grace & Frankie - Peach Tranquility herbal tea
Any fan of Grace & Frankie knows that this dynamic duo brings television some serious girl power. While Grace embodies poise, femininity and (of course) grace, she unexpectedly finds friendship with an eccentric, new age hippie named Frankie. Grace would totally  personify "peach tranquility" and Frankie would undoubtedly represent "herbal tea".
Mad Men - Venti Americano
AMC, mad-men
How many cups of coffee does Don Draper drink? Mad Men, which is set in NYC during the '60s, totally gives us the "Americano" feels. Even as a mere viewer, you need an espresso-based beverage like this to get through the series' fierce, dog-eat-dog storylines.
Jane the Virgin - Iced caramel macchiato
Warner Bros Television
Jane the Virgin is part comedy, part romance and part drama. This hit series, parodying a telenovela is all 'guilty pleasure' just like a yummy iced caramel macchiato on a hot summer's day. Plus, Jane is totally one of the sweetest characters on TV!
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Friends - Hot chocolate
Not a coffee drinker? We bet you'd still stop by Starbucks for a warm cup of hot cocoa during the colder months. This beloved drink is timeless, classic, and tastes good any time of the year (don't deny it)...just like our favorite sitcom Friends that we've watch at least 186 times.
Gossip Girl - Triple, grande, soy, no-foam latte (low-fat)
Warner Bros Television
Known for its scandal, high-end fashion and of course, gossip, this show simply epitomizes this complicated order. Because in Gossip Girl, everything is complicated.
New Girl - Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher
Jess Day is that friend that's bubbly even in the midst of tough times. That's why we think New Girl embodies the coffee franchise's tasty, fruit-flavored drink. Like this bright and sunny comedy, it's the perfect refresher to our day!
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Gilmore Girls - Trenta Pike's Place roast
Warner Bros Television
It's no secret that Lorelai and Rory pretty much take the cake when it comes to fictional coffee drinkers. This duo drinks a wonderfully obscene amount of coffee per episode. We're guessing the Gilmore Girls would opt for Starbucks' largest drink size and go for some delicious, classic and smooth Pike's Place roast.

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