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The Insomniac’s Guide: The Best TV Past 11

Welcome to Hollywood.com’s Insomniac’s Guide to television, where we bring you our guide to strange, dark underbelly of television that is after-11 programming. So if you’re a night owl, or just want to set your TiVo, check out our recommendations for the week. But there’s no guarantee that these shows will look as good by the light of day.

Note: TV is recorded by the night, rather than date that it airs. For instance, if a show is on at 2 AM Tuesday morning, it will be listed as a Monday night show. All times EST.

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6/21 Monday Night: 12 AM on IFC- This Night I Will Possess Your Corpse

This is one of those movies where you wake up in the morning and aren’t sure if you actually watched it, or just dreamed it, because no film could be that weird. The sequel to the also well-named At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul tells the story of director Jose Mojica Marins’ alter ego Coffin Joe, and his quest for the perfect woman. Only his idea of dating involves fewer long walks on the beach and more tarantulas and poisonous snakes. It’s basically a precursor to a dating show. Plus, Coffin Joe’s trip to hell cannot be missed, it’s a low-fi special effects extravaganza that looks like it was filmed on a tie-dyed Star Trek set.

6/22 Tuesday Night: 2 AM on Travel- Deep Fried Paradise

If you’re up late with the munchies, there’s nothing better than fried food. But if you don’t keep deep-fried snickers close at hand, watching them on TV is the next best thing. And it’s less likely to give you a heart attack.

6/23 Wednesday Night: 2 AM on DHLTH- Dr. G Medical Examiner

Did you know that there’s a reality TV show about a coroner? Well, there is, and it’s Dr. G Medical Examiner. The show isn’t that good, it has a lot of bad reenactments of people dying and blurs out all of the corpses, but it’s such a strange subject matter that you should check it out for the novelty alone.

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 6/24 Thursday Night: 1:25 AM on IFC- La Jetee

La Jetee is an experimental short black and white film, composed entirely of still photographs, and it’s French. Wait, don’t leave! It’s about a time traveller going back in time to prevent a nuclear holocaust! That sounds cool, right? It also inspired Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys, in very explicit ways. Even if you’re not staying up late, this is a film worth TiVo-ing.

6/25 Friday Night: 3:00 AM on Syfy- Meteor

Meteor is a weird film. Not Eraserhead weird, or This Night I Will Possess Your Corpse weird, but weird in a much more Hollywood way. For instance, someone decided to make a film about blowing up a meteor before it hits the earth.  Which is basically the plot of Armageddon and Deep Impact, but they decided to do it with the cutting-edge special effects of 1979. And also cast Natalie Wood and Sean Connery as the leads. These strange leaps of logic make for a pretty terrible film, but one worth checking out for the sheer unlikeliness.

6/26 Saturday Night: 12:30 on ABCFamily- The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Looking for a fix of 90’s nostalgia? It’s hard to do better than the Fresh Prince, especially this episode, which features a special appearence by Isiah Thomas. Remember him? Plus, for any younger readers in the audience, it’s a chance to get a look at our square haircuts, denim jackets, and other regretful fashion decisions.

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BONUS: Meet Joe Black is on Cinemax at 3:30. The movie as a whole is pretty mediocre, but what is quite possibly the high point of modern cinema takes place at the 21 minute mark. It involves Brad Pitt crossing the street, I’ll leave it at that.

6/27 Sunday Night: 11:00 PM on Syfy- Midnight Meat Train

Not for the faint of heart, this film has Bradley Cooper as a photographer investigating a serial killer in the LA Subway system. Which seems like a strange place for a serial killer to work, in terms of population density the LA subway system is like Greenland. There’s a whole lot of gore, and a whole lot of stupid plot twists (spoilers! Lizard people are never a good idea) but it’s delivered with style and panache.

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