Is ‘Breaking Bad’ Actually The Prequel To ‘Walking Dead?’

Fans have long been theorizing that Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead are connected, but it’s a pretty ambitious claim. Could the zombies in the The Walking Dead actually exist in Walter White’s world? As wild as it sounds, there’s a whole lot of evidence we can’t ignore.

A new video from Netflix aims to prove that Breaking Bad was a prequel, and that whole zombie apocalypse thing happening in The Walking Dead? It’s totally Walter White’s fault. Here’s why:

The Blue Sky Meth

In the second episode of The Walking Dead, we see Merle’s secret drug stash. Among the rest of the regular, boring drugs we’ve seen before is none other than Walter White’s signature brand of bright blue meth. This is proof that The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad share a universe.

Walt Jr.’s Dodge Challenger

In season four, episode two, Walter White buys Walt Jr. a red Dodge Challenger with a racing stripe because he thinks it looks distinct. Later, in the second episode of The Walking Dead, Glenn (RIP!) steals this very car. Seriously, is this just a coincidence? Nope. When Skyler makes Walt return the car in Breaking Bad, an employee at the car lot named Glenn says there will be a restocking fee. Walter chooses to blow up the car instead (hey, this is just a theory guys. Maybe Glenn restored the car!).

Merle’s Old Drug Supplier

When talking about Merle’s old drug supplier, Daryl describes him as a “janky little white guy” who said, “I’m going to kill you, B-tch!” If that doesn’t sound like Jesse Pinkman, we don’t know what does.

Gus Fring Was The Original Zombie

There aren’t any zombies in Breaking Bad, but there’s one moment where there actually could have been. The fan theory suggests that Walt’s formula for blue sky meth was getting pretty reckless and uncontrolled as he was fighting with Gus. In Gus’ final showdown at the nursing home, a bomb goes off and Gus is literally seen walking out of Tio’s room with half of his face missing. According to the theory, Gus could have secretly taken one of the first batches of zombie meth and when the bomb exploded, he became quite literally the walking dead.

So could this fan theory be true? Possibly. It’s very clear the creators of The Walking Dead were paying homage to Breaking Bad at least a little bit. We’ll probably never know the real answer, but it’s definitely fun to think about.

Do you think Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead take place in the same world?

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