Is Netflix A Bunch Of Trolls Or Did They Really Just Tease A ‘Gilmore Girls’ Spin-Off?


Gilmore Girls fans brace yourself. Gilmore Girls semi-fans (the kind of who haven’t already finished A Year In The Life) stop reading this because there are spoilers below.

Okay, so here’s the news: not to get your hopes up or anything, but Netflix totally just teased a Gilmore Girls spin-off.

By now, we’ve all had time to process A Year In The Life’s cliffhanger ending. It was a bit hard to accept, but sort of perfect despite how much we wanted the series to end in a neat little bow. It set Rory up to follow in the footsteps of her mom (though, of course, with slightly more tools to succeed and a higher education. Lorelai never went to college, but Rory has an Ivy League degree). The ending happened to be the very ending the show’s creator planned all along, so we were lead to believe this non-ending was a real, final finale for our beloved show.

<h/3>And then Netflix tweeted this…

We’ve come down to two conclusions regarding this tweet: either a bunch of people who work at Netflix are sitting around thinking of ways to stir up drama or Gilmore Girls is getting a spin-off that focuses on Rory’s child trying to find her dad.

Think about it: Rory’s child totally would totally know about the Wookie because her and her mom are the oversharing queens of Stars Hollow. Lorelai has pretty much patented the art of telling way too much to your kid, and Rory sat quietly absorbing this style of parenting. Also it says who is my dad. Not who is the dad or who is my baby’s dad. This came from Rory’s kid and not herself, but there’s one little issue that Netflix missed: There’s no possible way Rory was sleeping with Paul. She didn’t even remembered he existed. Surely, if this was legitimate, Rory’s future child would have forgotten that Paul existed as well.

Unfortunately, this image could easily be a Photoshop job rather than a still from the episode we’re all waiting for. In fact, it’s probably more likely that Netflix is trolling everyone. The image appears to be taken from season six, episode nine, “The Prodigal Daughter Returns,” where Luke’s daughter makes a similar science fair project.

Sorry guys, but we’ve been had.


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