It’s National Kissing Day! 10 TV Couples That Need to Lock Lips Already

Klaus and Caroline Vampire DiariesPlastered all over the Internet and covers of the few remaining print magazines are images of your favorite — and least favorite — celebs (and non-celebs) kissing, both tastefully and, well, Jersey Shorely. But what about the smooches we haven’t seen and actually want to see, like our favorite TV characters?! Well, in honor of National Kissing Day (yes, that’s a thing), we’ve compiled just such a list: The TV couples, and even some who may not yet have been officially outed as “together,” that for our own selfish reasons we’d like to see lock lips already, dammit!

Vampire Diaries: Klaus and Caroline

Yes, true shippers are clutching their chests in breathless anticipation of our heroes Stefan and Elena’s eventual reunion kiss, but we know that’s coming. We’re not so sure about the ultimate bad boy (Original vampire, werewolf and a sensitive artiste? Oh my.) and Vampire Barbie. Caroline’s too much of a good girl to really fall for evil-incarnate-with-a-sensitive-side Klaus, but a little forbidden, passionate, vampire-hormone-level make-out session wouldn’t be too much to ask, would it? – Kelsea Stahler

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23: Chloe and James Van Der Beek

They are best friends on the show. Um, have we forgotten what we learned from When Harry Met Sally? A guy and a girl can’t be friends because the sex part always gets in the way! It’s so true! Chloe and James need to do more than kiss. They need to have sex on a birthday cake. – Lindsey DiMattina

Revenge: Emily Thorne and Jack Porter

We are 16 episodes into the season, and Emily has been in love with her childhood pal Jack from day one. She needs to kiss him, tell him her true identity, get over her revenge plan and live happily ever after. – Lindsey DiMattina

New Girl: Nick and Jess


Dermot Mulroney’s Russell is adorable and all, but the longing looks and awkward pauses between roomies Nick and Jess are getting to be too much. They would balance each other out so well as a couple. I know it’s always better to draw out the tension, but I’m so ready to see them hook up already. – Aly Semigran

New Girl: Nick and Schmidt

We know they’re best friends, but I definitely see some homoerotic tension below the surface. Okay, I don’t at all. I just want to see them make out. – Brian Moylan

Parks and Recreation: Chris and Ann

Sure, they used to be an item and were kissing all the time, but ever since the show broke up (and especially since Ann started dating Tom — ugh), I’ve been anxious for them to rekindle their love and share a spontaneous kiss to kick it off. C’mon, Ann, pull Chris out of his depression with a smooch. It would literally…make my day. – Matthew Patches

Smash: Derek and Karen

Sure Karen’s boyfriend Dev is successful and gorgeous, but no one can resist the bad boy for very long. And when you throw a British accent into the mix, it’s pretty much a done deal. The sexual tension between these two is palpable and has been ever since the season premiere. Someone needs to make the first move and soon — I’m done with all these cold showers. Are you listening, writers? Let’s make this happen! – Kelly Schremph

The Voice: Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine


Between all the flirty, 7th grade-esque insults and asset-revealing clothing, these two just have to get. It. Over. With. Already. Preferably in a spinning chair powered by their egos. – Kate Ward

Community: Troy and Britta

Ever since Troy inadvertently won Britta over (through acting!) during season 2, there has been back-and-forth romantic tension between the two. Meaningful glances, lingering hugs, bonding over candy cigarettes, even secret affectionate text messages. Troy and Britta need to give into their feelings; it might result in the first real, healthy relationship either one has ever had. – Michael Arbeiter

Jersey Shore: DJ Paulie D and Vinny

Vinnie and Pauly d

They’re always talking about how they’re in love and married and refer to each other as boyfriends. Remember when Paulie D was trying so hard to act like a real human being to convince Vinny to stay in the house? Yeah, that was cute. (Paulie D is not real.) – Shaunna Murphy

Which on-screen couple do you want to kiss so badly that it’s giving you an ulcer? Let us know! Let the small screen make-outs commence!