It’s Always Sunny Gang: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

The It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia cast aka The Gang announced at the Television Critics Association press tour that they could be sticking around for longer than expected, not necessarily stopping after season 10.  This news comes as a huge relief to fans who read Glenn Howerton’s recent interview with Rolling Stone, saying that they’ll call it quits after season 10.  Luckily, “reason shall prevail!” and they’ll keep the show going as long as they can stay fresh.

Charlie Day has high hopes, stating, “I don’t think we’ll run out of outrageous things to do … with 10 episodes a season, you don’t run the risk of burning out.”  Season 9 is premiering on FX’s new comedy-oriented station, FXX this September.  The gang is already signed up for a 10th season, which will make it the longest running sitcom in cable television history (Congrats guys!).  Surviving for more than 10 seasons is not easy, but if anyone can do it, it’s the people who sold drugs at a country club, put on a fake funeral for an infant, and set one of their own on fire.

In typical It’s Always Sunny style, they’re willing to be the last to leave the party, no matter how drunken, belligerent, and absurd they get.  As opposed to their other acquaintances in the show, their fans want to the stay up with them and keep the party going as they strut into their 9th season and beyond.  We’re all looking forward to see what kind of shenanigans the gang gets into moving forward.  Once you get beyond season 8 it’s foolish to rule anything out.

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