It’s Confirmed! Aliens Are Coming To ‘American Horror Story’ Season 6


American Horror Story has slowly been teasing out the premiere of its sixth season, but they haven’t given too, too much away. At first we thought maybe the theme would focus on a farmhouse full of cannibals or a Texas Chainsaw Massacre-type tribute. Because of leaked pictures from the set, we know that the theme will have something to do with the lost colony of Roanoke, and past trailers hinted at the possibility of alien abductions, but it was just a little hint. We really had no idea.

New trailers for the series have only confirmed — without an absolute shred of  doubt — that season six of American Horror Story will be all about aliens! 

A new trailer released on Sunday shows a person at a campsite being pulled up into a beam of light. If that doesn’t say alien abduction, what does?

A second trailer even shows an actual alien. Okay, so it’s a shadow, but look at that silhouette. It has to be an alien.

The last new trailer shows something that still has us clinging to the idea of cannibals. Our guess? These aliens eat people. Look at the wind chimes made of human teeth in this clip.

American Horror Story premieres on September 14th.