J.K. Simmons: ‘I want to play movie dad to every famous Chris’


Oscar-winner J.K. Simmons has a new way of selecting film roles, asking if he’ll be playing dad to a famous Chris.

The Whiplash star portrays Chris Evans‘ father in the Apple TV+ series Defending Jacob and he recently completed a new film, The Tomorrow War, with Chris Pratt – and now it appears he’s on a mission.

“My career plan now is to play the father of every handsome, blue-eyed movie star stud named Chris,” he tells PeopleNOW. “So I checked off my Chris Evans box, and I just finished a film with Chris Pratt, where I play his father, so that’s number two.

Chris Pine, I’m available, and Chris Hemsworth – in either order; I mean we don’t have to go alphabetical.”