Jaleel White Proves His Dancing Star Skills as Urkel, Cee Lo Green

Part of Dancing with the Stars appeal is seeing an eclectic group of famous faces attempting to pull of the intricate dance moves usually reserved for the choreography-inclined. They’re not dancers by trade, but for a few weeks of the year, it’s fun to watch celebrities step it up and attempt to be.

That said, there’s always someone in the group packing serious skills, and in Season 14’s recently announced cast, it might just be Jaleel White. That’s right: Urkel is the hustler.

Don’t believe us? Well then you obviously haven’t seen him get his groove on during his Family Matters days. Behold, the Urkel dance.


And if you’re looking for proof of Jaleel White’s contemporary moves, look no further than last year’s Cee Lo Green music video for “Cry Baby”:

So is Jaleel White already the frontrunner contestant? The evidence is convincing proof. Now how long until we get to see Alfonso Ribeiro rocking The Carlton Dance on DWTS?