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Jeff Conaway Quits Reality Show for Rehab

Former Grease star Jeff Conaway has been forced to quit reality TV show Celebrity Fit Club to seek rehab help for a drug problem that became apparent on the program.

Producers staged an intervention, which featured on last night’s episode, and persuaded the actor to seek counseling and rehab help.

Conaway‘s drug problems were apparent from the first episode of the celebrity weight loss show after he flew into a tantrum when he was first confronted about his drug intake.

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The actor, who also starred in hit sitcom Taxi, ranted and raged at fellow contestant Chastity Bono, a former heavy drug user, when she told him, “You are acting like you are loaded and everybody’s concerned.”

Conaway agreed to seek counseling help from celebrity doctor Drew Pinsky after an apparent drug overdose, and confessed, “I believe I’ll be dead in six months.”

Since the show was taped last year, Conaway has undergone rehabilitation and is now looking forward to living his life without the need for drugs. He was replaced on Celebrity Fit Club by late rock ‘n’ roller Ricky Nelson’s son Gunnar.

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