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Jennifer Aniston Slams Reality TV Culture

Jennifer Aniston has hit out at reality TV for breeding a culture unnaturally obsessed with the lives of the rich and famous.

The actress, whose own private life has been under intense public scrutiny since her high-profile split from husband Brad Pitt last year, insists the fascination with celebrity gossip is sickening.

And she is so fed up with the situation, she refuses to watch TV anymore.

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The former Friends star says, “What happened to a great half-hour sitcom? It’s all Dancing with the Stars! Knitting with the Stars, Building a Home with the Stars, Living in the Homes of Stars!

“And then the ripping people to shreds. Humiliation. Degradation. What is going on? There’s so much instant gratification, and we want it. It’s just bizarre.

“I don’t watch TV anymore. Nothing. I have no interest in that idol s**t. Unfortunately the world is in such a state with this (Iraq) war and everything else that it’s easier to look at the triteness of celebrity break-ups. It’s like, ‘Ahh, relief.’

“It’s an escape, rather like a daytime soap opera. There’s nothing left to talk about and I’m just sick of everything about myself.”

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