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Jennifer Lawrence Finds No One Can Name Her Movies

Jennifer Lawrence learned it takes more than an Oscar to become a household name in America as she quizzed Hollywood tourists about her movies on Thursday (02Nov17).

The American Hustle star was guest hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live and thought it would be fun to hit Hollywood Boulevard, right outside the comedian’s studio, and ask random passers by to name five of her films as part of a pre-show taped skit.

Introducing the segment, she said, “I ran up to people on the street and asked them to name five movies I’ve been in. Simple if you have low-enough self esteem. The point was to put them on the spot and humiliate myself – and guess what, both happened.”

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Some of the people she approached were so flustered to see the actress in front of them they couldn’t think straight, while one man had no idea who Jennifer Lawrence was – even when she pointed out a passing bus billboard featuring her latest movie Mother! – prompting her to add, “This is the worst day of my life!”

Another woman was also confused and confessed she preferred Jennifer Aniston movies, prompting the Joy star to introduce herself.

The skit ended with Jennifer clambering onto an open-top tourist bus and asking a group of star spotters to name her films. When they failed, she hopped off and told them that vehicles like the one they were on pass her house all the time, adding, “If you see someone in a Tesla (car) giving you the finger, that’ s me!”

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