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Jessica Chastain Proposes Robin Wright Take Over as ‘House of Cards’ Lead

Jessica Chastain is urging House Of Cards producers to make fellow actress Robin Wright the star of the show following the sex scandal surrounding leading man Kevin Spacey.

On Monday (30Oct17), show bosses announced the upcoming sixth season would be its last, with the news emerging hours after Spacey was accused of sexually assaulting actor Anthony Rapp during an incident in New York back in 1986, when he was just 14.

The Oscar winner, known for his role as scheming President Frank Underwood on the Netflix series, quickly apologized for his allegedly drunken behavior, but admitted he couldn’t recall the encounter.

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Other people have since come forward with new accusations about Spacey’s past inappropriate behavior, prompting production officials to shut down filming on the new season indefinitely.

However, Chastain has suggested writers on the political drama simply rework the storyline to focus solely on Wright’s character, First Lady Claire Underwood.

“Can #RobinWright just be the lead of @HouseofCards now?” she posted on Twitter on Thursday night (02Nov17). “We’re ready for it.”

Her proposal was well-received by fans, who tweeted their approval.

“Seriously why don’t they just kill off Spacey’s character like normal TV shows,” asked one follower, while another wrote, “I don’t even know why this is a question. Robin is clearly a superior lead actor.”

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Actor David Allen Grier also weighed in, replying, “Good idea…”, while another of Chastain’s followers called on streaming service officials at Netflix to “MAKE THIS HAPPEN”.

House of Cards bosses have yet to respond to the social media suggestion, which emerged after it was reported that producers are looking into possible spin-off ideas to continue the franchise.

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