Jimmy Fallon Freaks Us Out With Daniel Radcliffe’s Bizarre Doppelgangers

The world of celebrity doppelgangers is pretty darn weird, but Daniel Radcliffe‘s group of look alikes takes the bizarre cake.

On Monday’s episode of The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Fallon explores the Harry Potter star’s secret past. No, Radcliffe isn’t actually a teenage wizard (we were totally crossing our fingers for that, too). There’s very, very strong evidence leading us to believe that Radcliffe is actually a time traveling old lady hiding in the body of a quirky, British actor.

Don’t believe us? Fallon has the proof. Just look at this photo.

evidence 3

Here is Radcliffe as an old lady who is disguised as a young boy who is disguised as an old lady.

evidence 1

And here is Radcliffe as a war hero.

evidence 2

Something fishy is going on here. The Hollywood Illuminati is hiding something. We’re on to you Harry Potter! We’re on to you!