Jimmy Kimmel Shows Us What Happens When You Light 5,000 Charcoal Snakes


Fireworks are illegal in many states, but you can’t keep us from being patriotic in the U.S.A. We’ll find a way to celebrate July 4th; we always do. Side note: who knew buying a gun was easier than buying sparklers in some places?.

Charcoal snakes are pretty harmless as far as fireworks go, but they’re still really cool. In a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel LiveKimmel’s trusty assistant Guillermo showed us exactly what happens when you take 5,000 charcoal snakes and light them up. 

Does anyone remember that infamous South Park episode where the town of South Park lights a giant snake? This is just like that, but less destructive. Thankfully, the snakes burn out before the entire town of Los Angeles is taken over.

As one YouTuber points out, “…and this is how Kardashians are made.” Bravo!