JLO & Shakira at the Super Bowl LIV Halftime Press Conf

The Super Bowl is literally the biggest event of the year. Millions worldwide tune in for the game, the commercials, the friendship, and the halftime show.

Many people who don’t care about the game will turn on the TV just in time for the show. This year the halftime show is being headlined by two Latinas in Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. The two have been preparing relentlessly to put on the best show they possibly can, but luckily for us, they took some time out of their preparation yesterday to hold a press conference and talk to the media.

In the above video, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira hear about what to expect during their show, why they feel it’s important that they represent for their culture, for women, and for their age group, and about how performing the half time show is a dream for them.


The Pepsi Halftime Show with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira can be seen during half time of Super Bowl LIV.