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Judges Talk About Season 16 of ‘American Idol’


‘American Idol’ is arguably the most popular competition show out there. When it ended on Fox, it was a weird feeling that the show would no longer be on the air. After 15 seasons how could they just end it?

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Well, ABC bought the rights and are changing that. Season 16 premieres in a matter of weeks, but we didn’t really know anything about it. We knew longtime host Ryan Seacrest would be coming back, but who else? While we might not have Simon or Randy (at least for this season) the star power is still there. R&B legend Lion Richie, Country superstar Luke Bryan, and Pop queen Katy Perry would be taking the role as judges, giving people a trip to Hollywood.

In the above interview Ryan Seacrest tells us how the judges have changed the show, Luke Bryan talks about what it was like to come onto the show, Katy Perry says what she’s looking for, and Lion Richie gives contestants advice.


‘American Idol’ starts March 11, 201, on ABC.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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