Just Kidding, ‘The Walking Dead’ Has a Writing Staff

The Walking DeadRemember back in December when that whole debacle happened with the entire writing staff for AMC’s The Walking Dead? Supposedly they got fired, or quit, or just vanished into the wild blue yonder. Anyway, the bottom line is that no one is really sure what happened, but we assumed that showrunner Frank Darabont planned to take the show in a different direction, abandoning the traditional staff writing approach and creating scripts on a more freelance basis. Turns out, our assumption was totally wrong, because Darabont isn’t doing that at all. The Walking Dead just hired Glen Mazzara (The Shield, Crash, and Hawthorne) as a writing executive producer and Darabont’s number two guy. And according to Deadline, he’s in the process of putting together a staff of five writers. So what’s the lesson here, kids? Don’t assume things, because as my dad always said, you make and ASS out of U and ME. Now, shut up and go get daddy a beer.

Source: Deadline